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How to 100% Secure Twitter login PUBG Mobile accounts

You are here which means your PUBG Mobile account is not secure and you want to 100% secure it. When you buy a PUBG Mobile account from other players then, secure it. So, we are here to discuss that how to 100% secure Twitter login PUBG Mobile accounts.

You must be needed to secure it, otherwise, you lose your account. Might be another person is not loyal and he wants to be a scam with you.

Did you know, you can earn money from the PUBG Mobile game?

In this article, we will talk about the PUBG Mobile accounts that how to secure. We especially talk about the Twitter login PUBG Mobile account.

How to secure a PUBG Mobile account

How to secure a PUBG Mobile account permanently, you need to do some settings after buying a new PUBG Mobile account. You can also secure your own Twitter login PUBG Mobile account.

Note: these settings are only for Twitter login PUBG Mobile.

I know you are thinking about other logins, we will publish another article which we will know about the Gmail login PUBG Mobile accounts, Facebook login PUBG Mobile accounts, and Mobile number login PUBG Mobile accounts.

How to Protect Twitter login PUBG Mobile-ID?

You need to follow these settings that are mentioned below if your PUBG Mobile account is logged in with Twitter:

  • Login with Twitter
  • Go into the “profile
  • Go into “settings & privacy
  • Click on “account
  • Change “Username”, “Phone”, and “Password
  • Then click on “security”
  • Active “Two-factor authentication
How to Protect Twitter login PUBG Mobile-ID
Image via Twitter

That is, now your account is protected and you can play the PUBG Mobile game tension-free. This way you can 100% secure your Twitter login PUBG Mobile account. I hope this article will be helpful for you, if yes then share this article with others. Might be this will help for others. I recently buy a Twitter login PUBG Mobile account, I 100% secure it for permanent.

Note: always deal with group admin or trusted person, don’t trust strangers.

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