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Awesome Advantages of Having a Prepaid Plan

Mobile phones have become very crucial in our lives today. It makes it possible for you to communicate with loved ones via text, audio, and video calls. Further, social media and internet browsing make it quite simple to communicate with anyone worldwide. Apart from these, smartphones have simplified the process of contacting emergency services when necessary.

However, mobile devices are of no use without an appropriate mobile data pack. For this reason, having a data pack – preferably one with prepaid plans – is essential to performing your daily tasks.

A prepaid plan is one of the earliest and most famous mobile phone connectivity options available It helps enhance the value of your mobile devices by offering unlimited calls, SMS, and seamless internet experience. You will also come across prepaid packs offering an unlimited data plan, saving you money.

Know What is a Prepaid Plan?

When you pay for your mobile phone service at the beginning of your billing cycle, it is called prepaid cell phone service. For instance, you need to pay for your service until July 1st, on June 1st, if you have opted for a prepaid carrier on that date. With a postpaid phone plan, you will receive your phone plan/charges bill on July 1st.

Some Benefits of Choosing a Prepaid Plan

For smartphone users in Malaysia, telecom companies have come out with their unlimited prepaid plans with unlimited data and access to the Internet and social media channels.

  • Prepaid is less expensive than postpaid

Prepaid cards are typically less expensive than postpaid cards. According to statistics, the average Malaysian customer pays between RM25 and RM40 each month for a prepaid plan.

If you also want unlimited calls, you may acquire an unlimited prepaid Internet plan for as little as RM35/month. Comparatively, a postpaid plan with the same unlimited offers would cost RM50 and higher.

Although postpaid plans start at about RM20 per month, they have a lower Internet and phone allowance than prepaid plans at the same price. With prepaid, you can spend RM3 or RM12 per week and maintain your number. With postpaid, this is not possible.

  • No commitment

If you want to stop using the number, a prepaid plan gives you the freedom to do so. When your prepaid number is suspended or not active, it will automatically terminate after 50 to 90 days; you don’t need to visit a service facility to do so. Just remember not to top it off or reload. On the other hand, cancelling a postpaid plan via phone or email is more difficult. 

  • Makes you use the Internet, SMS, and Calls wisely

With a prepaid plan, you can quickly change to a new plan every day, week, or month, depending on your consumption requirements. Choose between a monthly auto-renewal plan and a daily plan; the users get to make the final decision. Even more calls, SMS, and Internet can be added as needed.

In addition, compared to postpaid contracts, you have several options because cell operators regularly provide new deals every day.

  • Simply move to a new mobile provider

Prepaid and postpaid customers in Malaysia have had the possibility to migrate between mobile providers while maintaining their current number thanks to Mobile Number Portability (MNP), which has been available for some time.

Since prepaid plans don’t have contracts, your home operator has no compelling reason to deny your request to port out, making it quite simple to port out with a prepaid number.

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