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Benefits of Microbial-Based Cleaning Products

There are many benefits when it comes to using microbial-based cleaning products. Formulating cleaning products with the use of microbes is becoming an increasingly popular application in green chemistry. Microbials occur naturally, so by using them as an ingredient in cleaning products, it allows the product formulas to decrease or even eliminate the use of hazardous surfactants and solvents. It can also make it easier for producers to formulate cleaning products with biobased ingredients versus the ingredients that are petroleum-based. In some cases, these products have been proven to be healthier, can degrade at a faster rate, and when it comes to natural conditions they can be less harmful to aquatic life.

Cleaning products that contain living microorganisms as part of their active ingredients are being used more and more often in household cleaning as well as industrial and professional cleaning products. This is because microorganisms have the ability to degrade soil that is associated with not only dirt but food residues in Greece through both metabolic and enzymatic actions and basically can win the war against microorganisms that cause odor problems. Actually, their potential for controlling odors gives them a competitive advantage over conventional cleaning products that are chemically-based. The producers of microbial-based cleaning products, also referred to simply as MBCPs, even claim that their microbial products are much less harmful to the environment.

Due to these factors listed above, there has been an increased interest from both environmental and consumer organizations as well as professional users and even regulators in the industry in these products. They’re becoming more aware of the very negative environmental impacts that chemically-based cleaning products have on the environment as well as the negative effects on human, plant, and animal health.

Lately, microbial cleaners are being referred to as microbial-based cleaning products but are sometimes referred to as probiotic cleaners, biological cleaners, or simply, microbial cleaners.

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial enzyme-based cleaners are a great solution when it comes to cleaning products and they are already being utilized by businesses and industries of all sizes. This is because enzyme cleaners are non-toxic and they are biodegradable, which makes them very safe for employees in various companies and industries to use in their work. These types of products are also very safe for customers of certain industries and companies. For example, a carpet cleaning company that utilizes enzyme cleaners to breakdown the organic materials in a customer’s carpet is much safer for the people who live in the home as well as animals and fish than if the company is utilizing chemically based products. The carpet will be left just as clean as when chemically based products were used since enzyme cleaners are extremely effective at removing dirt, grime, stains, and grease. Many restaurant owners are also turning to these products to clean their kitchens and to even garner health safety awards from the health department.

When it comes to industrial cleaning, enzymes are extremely important since they can breakdown proteins as well as fats and sugars. It is because of this reason that they are great for removing stains and grease from all types of surfaces. Enzymes are very safe to use on many different types of surfaces, including plastic, metal, glass, and even wood. Enzymes are also more affordable while being biodegradable and much less harmful to the environment.

Main Enzymes Used in Microbial Cleaning Products

There are many different enzymes used in industrial and household cleaning products. Check out the detailed list below of the most popular enzymes that are used for cleaning products.

  • Catalase can be found in all living cells which allows it to facilitate the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water.
  • The enzyme Lipase is used to catalyze the hydrolysis of lipids into glycerol as well as fatty acids. It is used in the food industry to create great flavors and aromas while combating foul odors.
  • Protease is used many times in industrial enzyme cleaners since it is tough on stains and residue that are protein-based.
  • Amylase breaks down starch and is used very often in laundry detergents since it facilitates the removal of stains for a variety of clothing and materials.
  • Cellulase is great at breaking down cellulose and is used in many cleaners to remove grease, stains, and other things from many surfaces.

While too much microbial cleaner being used in a closed space for a length of time via a spray bottle can cause allergic reactions in humans or animals, the products are still much safer than chemically-based cleaning products, especially in household and professional cleaning settings. This is because allergy issues are rarely reported, since most cleaners are not being used in a tight and closed space for a long period of time. Overall, microbial cleaners seem to be much safer than chemically-based ones yet do as good of a job as cleaning and industrial as well as household settings than other cleaners do, many times even better.

Overall, microbial cleaners for households as well as industry are much safer than chemically-based ones. They can be used as a hard surface cleaner, a drain and odor controller, a treatment for stains as well as fat, oil, and grease, and can even be used to clean grease traps at a variety of factories and restaurants. These types of cleaners are even being used to sterilize surgical equipment and are being added to septic tanks to clean them.

It is always important to source both enzymes and microbials from a very professional source that you can trust. American Biosystems offers an array of these types of products and is ready to assist you with all of your microbial cleaning product needs. Call today for more information.

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