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Benefits of wearing Bajuband with Traditional Indian Dresses

Wearing an accessory is mostly about enhancing one’s visual appeal. When it comes to accessorizing, particularly with jewellery, it’s not just about looking good. It may increase your self-esteem and, it’s true, even enhancing your health.

Bajuband is an essential part of the term “Solah Shringar.” Bracelet known as “Bajuband” or “Armlet” (also known as “Ananta” or “Angada”), it is worn on the upper arm. This piece of jewellery was originally worn solely by males. Rural males wearing bajubands have appeared in several Bollywood films featuring rural settings. The bajubands or armlets worn by men and women in the rural regions were originally worn in pairs, but solo armlets grew increasingly popular among women over time.

Crocodile and snake-shaped traditional Bajuband are among the many designs available, making them a more exotic piece of jewellery. Many people also wear plastic armlets. Many of the armbands that look like bangles because they are made of plastic. Armlets are often made of metals that have been carved and then oxidized to give them a worn-in appearance.

Ancestry & Development

Archaeological evidence shows that armlets have been around for a long time. Before becoming a universally recognized item of jewellery, they have traversed many civilizations and regions. Bharatnatyam dancers in the Dravidian area of India first popularized the use of this headgear among rural males, and it has now spread across the country. It was originally designed for males to wear.

In the beginning, armlets were just metal bands that were used to enhance the attractiveness of the arm. This armlet is worn by most warriors as part of their battle attire. This piece of jewellery was worn by farmers as well as warriors. People in several cultures other than India wear an armlet with other ethnic jewellery set for women as a symbol of their new status as husband and wife.


Bajuband are a current fashion statement for both sexes. Bajuband may be worn as both a piece of bridal jewellery and a piece of fashion jewellery.

Bajuband come in a wide variety of materials and styles, from the most delicate to the most robust. People should wear the more robust styles, while ladies should choose for the more delicate ones.

It used to be that only precious metals like gold and silver could be used to design the Bajuband, but nowadays fake metals like rusted silver are popular. Styles are also influenced by the forms. Snake and crocodile-like forms are among the many old designs. Intricate patterns carved by designers have recently been making the rounds.

Dressing for the Occasion

Since they’ve been handed down through many civilizations, armlets have undergone a number of changes. India’s traditional armlets mimic the adornments worn by gods and goddesses in temples across the country.

People are the perfect accessory for weddings, engagements, theme parties, and religious events. When paired with lehengas, saris, or any other sleeveless traditional dress, delicate armlets are a stunning accessory.

Affectation at Large

Many Westerners wear Bajuband, and they’ve done it in their own unique ways. However, instead of the hefty decorative armlets, they choose to wear plain ones.

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