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How to Buy Quality backlinks: 100% Dofollow Links?

Are you here that’s means you need to buy quality backlinks? Backlinks are the main part of your site, without backlinks might be your site can’t survive at Google search engine.
If your site has quality backlinks then there is a high chance ranking of your site on Google’s first page. Here we will discuss that how to buy quality backlinks from high authority sites.

Mentioned four methods which you can get quality do-follow backlinks:

  • Sponsor Guest post backlinks
  • Profile creation backlinks
  • Link Exchange backlinks
  • Commenting backlinks

In this article we will not explain it briefly, we just try to understand it, how does it work. Before going to the discussion we will highly recommend that you should try the first one “Sponsor guest post backlinks”.

#1: Sponsor Guest Post Backlinks

I know this is paid and sometimes it can be costly but this is the most popular and legal method to create quality backlinks. How does it work? For the sponsor guest post, you need to create unique content then choose a perfect website that will be according to your site niche.

Sponsor Guest Post Backlinks

Some sites are charged 5$ to 100$ per guest post but some are free and these sites have also good DA PA, DR UR, and Google traffic.

You need to find these sites if you don’t want to buy backlinks or you have not enough budget for this. We called PBN sites which allow publishing your content for free of cost.

Some blogs are interested that has good DA PA, DR UR, and google ranking. They allow guest posts for just in 10$ to 30$ per post. Don’t worry if your budget is low then you can buy just link insertion. Choose any content and anchor text where you want to create a backlink. They charge only 5$ per link insertion.

Some blogs are mentioned below that they charge 5$ per link insertion:

  • blogili.com DA52
  • blogsandnews.com DA53
  • newsnblogs.com DA63
  • techager.com

Note: if you have some blogs that charge 5$ per link insertion kindly share with us, we will add.

#2: Profile Creation Backlinks

You know some blogs or sites can allow creating a profile which you can add your website link. As a result of this, you can get a high-quality backlink from profile creation sites. If you want to create backlinks from profile creation sites, then this will helpful for you “600 DoFollow Profile Creation Sites List in 2021”.

Creating backlinks from profile creation sites is a simple and free-of-cost method by which you can get quality backlinks.

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#3: Link Exchange Backlinks

Link exchanging is a very simple and easy method to get high-quality backlinks from other sites. If you have a high-quality site, then you can exchange links.
how to do that? Simple you can perform this through Facebook groups, emails, and WhatsApp groups. Just post on Facebook into related groups, “Need exchange link site” then the interested person will contact you and you can deal with these guys.

#4: Commenting Backlinks

The last method is “Commenting backlinks”. I don’t like this method because most of the created commenting backlinks are no-follow links. So commenting backlinks are low-quality backlinks.

I highly recommended that you should be used the “Sponsor Guest posts” method. I hope you have not any questions related to the content. Thanks for reading!

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