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Causes and treatment for Gastritis Explained by the top gastroenterologist in Gurgaon

If you are experiencing a burning pain in your upper belly region, then that’s alarming. It could be a sign of Gastritis. The top gastroenterologist in Gurgaon defines Gastritis as a series of issues but one thing is common, that is having inflammation at the mucous lining of the belly region. What is more alarming is that the bacterium that causes ulcers is also the reason behind Gastritis. These stomach burning causes can be managed with prescribed medications. 

Causes of Gastritis

The typical burning pain due to Gastritis is an effective signal from the immune system that something is going on in the stomach. There are multiple causes for Gastritis, as per the Gastroenterologist in Gurgaon- 

●      Infections

The main cause of Gastritis is some bacterial or viral infection. These infection reactions are short-term and can be curable with appropriate medications. However, some fungal or parasite infections in your stomach can cause chronic or severe Gastritis. 

●      Overconsumption of Chemicals

The stomach burning causes is also directly related to overconsumption of chemical drugs, alcohol, or substances. Particularly, frequent intake of recreational drugs like cocaine or anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin causes erosion of the stomach lining, which leads to acute Gastritis. 

●      Due to Other Critical Illness 

Gastritis is also related to other critical illnesses or surgical consequences. Major surgery or trauma can reduce the blood supply to the digestive system, which is redirected to the vital organs. A lesser blood supply weakens the stomach lining’s defenses and makes it more vulnerable to inside chemicals. 

●      Other Reasons 

In addition to the major stomach-burning causes, gastric ulcers can also occur due to any autoimmune disease. An autoimmune disease primarily occurs when your body’s immune system attacks its body cells by mistake. Otherwise, Gastric Ulcers can occur due to bile reflux, chemotherapy, or any radiation therapy. 

 Gastritis: Common Symptoms

Gastritis is often hidden and fails to showcase any major symptoms. However, some of the related symptoms of the disease are- 

● Indigestion or sudden ache or burning pain in the upper stomach area. 

● Vomiting or Nausea

● Lesser appetite 

● Feeling full in the upper abdomen region after eating. 

Treatments of Gastritis: According to Gastroenterologist in Gurgaon

Your Gastroloenterologist in Gurgaon might perform some examinations, such as stool or breath tests, to diagnose the disease. In the advanced medical world, gastric ulcers are easy to identify with an X-ray and endoscopy, which involves passing a thin, flexible tube down the throat. Once your doctor confirms Gastric Ulcers, they will recommend medications, mostly oral pills, to cure the digestive condition. 

●      Antibiotics

When you have H. pylori bacteria in your digestive tract, that’s concerning. Doctors prescribe antibiotics to eliminate the germs. Usually, a doctor recommends a dosage of 7-10. After the dosage, you need to redo an H. pylori examination to confirm the destruction of these germs. 

●      Proton Pump Inhibitor

Any renowned gastroenterologist in Gurgaon prescribes medications that help reduce acid. These medicines effectively do so by blocking the parts of the cell that produce such acids. However, you should not overdose on the inhibitors as they can severely impact your hip, wrist, and spine.

●      Acid Blockers

Acid blockers, also known as histamine blockers, limit the amount of acid released to the digestive tract. By reducing acid, your stomach is relieved from any burning sensation or abrupt pain.

●      Acid Neutralizer Medicines

Health professionals suggests antacids or acid-neutralizing medicines, mostly in these cases. These medicines are good for promoting rapid pain relief but should be taken along with some medicines that do the primary treatment. So, these antacids are complementary to acid blockers and proton pump inhibitors. 


●      What happens if Gastritis is left untreated? 

Gastritis is curable if diagnosed timely. When you ignore the symptoms for a longer time, then it may take severe turns and lead to stomach ulcers or bleeding. Even rare, some types of chronic Gastritis may also increase the chances of having stomach cancer. So, consult the best gastroenterologist in Gurgaon once you encounter any discomfort or pain in the belly region. 

Final Words

Unlike other chronic illnesses, you can cure Gastritis with medications if diagnosed at an early stage. A well-known gastroenterologist in Gurgaon precisely determines the stomach burning causes at the initial stages with the help of a series of tests and X-rays. They will accordingly recommend a combination of medicines like antibiotics or acid blockers to restore your digestive system. 

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