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A Comprehensive Guide to Understand Differences between Lipoma and Malignant Growths

Most people get confused about lipoma and malignant growths and think both of them are the same. Both form in fatty tissues and create lumps, but there are huge differences between the two. According to the top Lipoma Doctors in Jaipur, these two conditions are different as lipoma is non-cancerous or benign, whereas malignant growths are cancerous. In this write-up, we will learn more about these two diseases and their primary differences.

What are Lipoma and Malignant Growths?

Lipoma is a non-cancerous lump in the fat cells beneath the soft tissues like muscles, tendons, nerves, and fat or skin. They can move easily and are usually painless to touch. Lipoma can appear in any part of the body, like the arms, neck, shoulders, and back. 

Malignant growths, or liposarcoma, are also present in fat cells, but they are soft tissue cancers. These growths can appear in any body part, but they are most commonly found in the legs, arms, or abdomen. They are slow in growth and start exerting pressure on the surrounding organs and tissues. The treatment usually involves chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.


Is it possible that lipomas can become malignant growths?

Lipomas can include blood vessels and many other blood tissues. Lipomas can rarely convert into malignant growths, but you cannot be completely sure of this. Lipomas are more common in men than in women and appear between 40 and 70 years of age. 

Difference in Symptoms as per the Lipoma Doctors in Jaipur

Lipoma symptom

  • Rubbery, painless, and soft lumps
  • It can move when you touch it
  • Oval or round in shape
  • It can be of multiple or single numbers

Malignant Growths Symptom

At first, there are, as such, no prominent symptoms except a lump. However, with time, malignant growth in the legs or arms might compress the surrounding organs, nerves, and muscles, causing symptoms like:

  • Swelling or pain in the affected area
  • Growing or ulceration of the tumor at the surface
  • Numbness or tingling because of the tumor compressing a nerve
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Abdominal distension
  • Swelling
  • Abdominal ache

Difference in Treatment between Lipoma and Liposarcoma

Lipoma does not cause any complications. Lipoma Doctors in Jaipur can easily remove them in case of any discomfort or for cosmetic reasons. Rarely, lipoma can occur in the brain and might need surgery. Lipoma Doctors in Jaipur can also remove lipomas through liposuction under the influence of sedation or anesthesia.

The treatment of malignant growth, on the other hand, is quite complex and primarily depends on the location and extent of the cancer. The treatment options for this type of growth include:

  • Surgeons can eliminate the malignant growths through surgery, along with some healthy surrounding tissues
  • Through radiation therapy where the doctors implement high x-ray doses to decrease the threat of the tumor coming back even after the surgery
  • Chemotherapy by using anticancer drugs for terminating the cancer cells

Difference between Diagnosis of Lipoma and Malignant Growths

Reputed Lipoma Doctors in Jaipur can diagnose lipomas with the help of a thorough physical examination. They further test the lumps through biopsy where the doctor takes out a small sample of the affected tissue by extracting it from the lump. 

Conversely, doctors cannot diagnose malignant growth through physical evaluation. They have to administer further tests, like a CT (Computerized Tomography) scan, to locate and determine the tumor size. Doctors also implement an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Image) to check out the nerves, blood vessels, and nerves and determine their condition. 

Sometimes, Lipoma Doctors in Jaipur also carry out CT and MRI scans in case of lipomas to make sure it is not a cyst or pressing any nerves. 

End Words

The best way to know if you are suffering from lipoma or malignant growths is to consult one of the renowned Lipoma Doctors in Jaipur. They will assess the lump on the skin and diagnose the proper treatment for you. 

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