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Congestion and runny nose

Your nasal tubes overproduce mucus, which results in a runny nose. As a result, you may have watery discharges that occasionally leak into the back of your throat in addition to your nostrils. A disease or irritant, such as dust or pollen, may aggravate the walls of the sinus and nasal cavity. As a result, your nose begins to produce clear mucus, which traps bacteria or allergens and aids in clearing them out of your nose. Here is how to handle it.

Drink a lot of water

Stay properly hydrated by consuming lots of fluids and plain chicken broth if you’ve a blocked nose to assist thin and fluidize your mucus. Your sinuses and nose will be able to clear it more quickly as a result. Drinking enough drinks can help keep your airways’ membranes moisturized.

Dehydration-causing beverages like coffee should be avoided.

Take a hot, medicinal beverage

Once you’re suffering and sick, hot beverages are a calming haven. It contains both a nasal stimulant to ease the overfilling caused by sinus problems along with an antihistamine helping your nasal passages run dry and reduce your problems of runny nose, coughing, and congestion. After that, relax and have a good night’s sleep.

Get plenty of sleep

Speaking of sleep, it’s important to get plenty of it while you’re feeling under the weather so your body can recuperate. According to research, your body produces new immune system cells while you are sleeping. During sleep, cytokines, proteins that are crucial for battling inflammation and infection, are created and released. 4 This implies that getting enough sleep may maintain a strong immune system. You’ll also get a much-needed respite from blowing your nose while you’re sleeping.

Use a hot compress

Several times a day, apply a hot pack to your nose and forehead to aid with upper respiratory symptoms including nasal congestion. If you don’t have a compress, try wetting a washcloth in warm water and wiping your face with it many times daily. Your mucus will be loosened as a result, which will help clear up nasal congestion.

Become steamy

Consider relaxing in the toilet with a hot shower on when you next have a blocked nose. A bowl of hot water’s vapor may also be inhaled.

Warm (not hot) steam inhalation helps reduce inflammation and thin mucus on the mucous membranes lining the nose. Your mucus will drain more quickly as a result.

Apply a humidifier

An excellent technique to put extra moisture onto your surroundings and relieve nasal congestion is with a clean diffuser or cooling mist vaporizer. Your mucus may thicken and become difficult to flow, and your sinuses may get blocked if the air is too dry. Adding moisture to the air with a humidifier or cool mist diffuser helps maintain your nasal cavity hydrated and encourage speedier mucus drainage.

Make use of a saline nasal spray.

Clearing congestion brought on by a cold or allergies may be accomplished with the use of a mild saline nasal spray. By clearing away irritants like pollen, dust, or animal dander that may cause allergy symptoms, a saltwater nasal spray keeps nasal passageways open. In order to make removal simpler, it may help soften mucus that is thick or dry. Additionally, the salt solution eases dry, inflamed nasal passages.

Utilize a neti pot to wash your nose.

If you experience nasal congestion symptoms, you may use a neti pot to clean any debris or mucus out of your nose. You may remove mucus by using a neti pot, which is intended for the purpose. To use it, slant your head over the sink and position the neti pot’s nozzle in your upper nostril. Then, pour a saltwater solution into your nostril, letting the water flow down the back of your nose. 5 In addition to using a neti pot, you may also utilize additional appliances like squeeze bottles and pressured canisters.

Consume a hot meal

Capsaicin, a compound found in hot foods, helps ease a runny nose that is not brought on by allergies. The chemical that makes chili peppers hot is called capsaicin. Although consuming spicy food may first make your runny nose worse, the heat will eventually make it better.

Make use of the appropriate OTC medications

Along with other typical symptoms, over-the-counter cold and flu medications may help ease your stuffy nose and nostril mucus symptoms. To ensure you get the treatment you need, be sure to note any other symptoms you may be experiencing in addition to watery nose and cold symptoms.

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