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Custom Drapery: Modern House Aesthetics

Everyone wants to have the best looking interior for their houses. But most people cannot figure out what exactly needs to be changed. In most cases, the problem is with the drapery. The proper drapery can change the overall aesthetic of a house. Meanwhile, windows are the most vital parts of a home, as they bring light and freshness into the house. As such, curtains and draperies are the perfect ways to decorate these beautiful places. Nowadays, households use unique blinds and custom made curtains and shutters to decorate their living space.

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Curtains and Drapes

A well-planned curtain or drape fitting can convert a gloomy room into a vibrant and comfortable place. In most Asian countries, people call these fittings curtains, whereas, in the west, people call them drapes or drapery panels. However, some people use them interchangeably, but there are subtle differences between drapes and curtains. The subtle differences between the two are: The curtains are floor-length or somewhat shorter to cover simply the window. They’re primarily composed of lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen, and other natural fibres, usually unlined. Curtain panels are another typical use for them.

On the other hand, drapes are the length of the window from the top to the floor. They’re usually pleated and constructed of heavy or thick fabric, such as velvet or silk. As a result, they can virtually wholly block sunlight from entering the room.

Advantages of Custom Curtains

Tailored measurements: Custom draperies are tailored to fit the dimensions of particular windows. Buying ready-made window decor limits our options when it comes to size, fit or design and colour. Custom draperies are tailored according to personal tastes in size and fit to take care of both privacy and aesthetics in one shot.

Personalised style: One of the major winning points of custom-made goods is that they can be fashioned to meet our demands on looks. There are no restrictions on colour, design, pattern or texture in custom made curtains. Matching colours and styles are used in houses to create a unique feel and style.

Quality: The customer gets to choose the quality they want for drapery here. Because of this, there is no more need to fear decolourisation or any other problems with the decor in the house.

Science in the fancy: Having the right window decor can help people save a lot of electricity. Having heat conserving decor will help conserve electricity on heating in cold locations. Conversely, having heat dispersing decor can help save electricity on cooling during the day in hot places.

Choose the Right Decor for You

Fabric: As mentioned above, choosing the right fabric in decor can be massively helpful. Apart from that, different fabrics can be used in different spaces to create a comfortable atmosphere. Heavy drapes with lining may be required in the bedroom to help block light and create a dark atmosphere conducive to healthy sleep.

Colour: Choosing the proper colour for curtains may make or break a room’s appearance, so take your time when making the choice. Use contrasting colours to help make a statement. Mixing colours and styles in the same room will give clashing colours and an awkward look.

Length: The length of your drapes can alter the appearance of your room; too long or too short drapes can derail your design. Hanging the curtain rod six inches above the window gives a balanced look.

Maintenance: For draperies to last long, maintenance is essential. This includes recognising the cloth and treating it accordingly. Some fabrics can be washed and dried by hand, while others require dry cleaning.

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