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Diversifying a Crypto Portfolio – DENT or THETA?

Diversity is an essential factor for long-term investing. This is especially true when investing in new technologies like cryptocurrencies. It’s impossible to predict exactly which project will perform best, so you need to invest in a wide range. Here we’ll look at two unique and underrated crypto projects, DENT and Theta. We’ll look at price predictions from experts and finally decide on the best investment. 

About DENT

DENT is the cryptocurrency for mobile data. Instead of paying expensive roaming fees when you go traveling, you can use the DENT wireless service as your global mobile operator. DENT offers mobile data plans, eSIM cards, call minutes, and a roaming-free experience. 

DENT is the native token and allows mobile data to be shared across the blockchain. If you need mobile data, you can trade BTC to DENT to receive mobile data through the Ethereum blockchain via the DENT ERC-20 token. You can also share and earn DENT tokens from your unused mobile data, then redeem these tokens for data when you need it. Or, sell the DENT tokens on the open market. 

DENT Price Prediction

In 2022, DENT is trading at around $0.001 in mid-2022. Its market cap is $100 million, making it number 199 on the cryptocurrency rankings. Its all-time high was $0.098 in January 2018 during the peak of the crypto bubble of that time. Since then, it has not made it close to that number, with another local peak of $0.019 in April 2021. This rise was earlier in the 2021 peak than most cryptocurrencies and was partly driven by the Facebook scandals in early 2021, where users wanted to move away from mainstream corporate platforms. 

The price of DENT has been stable at around $0.001 from May to July 2021, with a flat trajectory like much of the crypto market. Here are three expert predictions for the DENT price for 2023 and 2025:

Forecast 2023Forecast 2025

According to these predictions, DENT is set to raise 30%-100% from currency prices by 2023, and 90-400% by 2025. These are large price jumps, but there is large uncertainty in the range. This reflects the broader uncertainty in the cryptocurrency market in general. 


Like DENT is the decentralized token for mobile data, THETA is the decentralized token for video streaming. The Theta network is built to improve video and streaming quality by sharing unused bandwidth and trading it on the blockchain. Users can earn THETA tokens by allowing their unused bandwidth with nearby viewers to help them improve their video quality. On the flip side, you can tap into the fast bandwidth of others by trading BTC to THETA and spending them on the network. 

Theta has its own purpose-built blockchain built for high-quality video delivery. The token structure is designed to incentivize bandwidth sharing. 

THETA Price Prediction

THETA is trading at around $1.29 in mid-2022 and has a market cap of $1,289,000,000. The all-time high for THETA came in April 2021 at $14.28. This massive price rally was also driven by the social network controversies of early 2021. For Theta, this was especially focused on people’s growing frustration with information publishing on traditional social content platforms like Facebook and YouTube. 

The current price trend for THETA is flat in mid-2022. Here are three expert price predictions for 2023 and 2025:

Forecast 2023Forecast 2025

These price increases are strong and almost identical (in percentage terms) to the predictions for DENT. This is because DENT and THETA play similar roles in the crypto media and data sharing space. 

Which Should You Choose?

Given the analysis here, there are no obvious differences in the state and outlook of DENT and THETA. Both offer compelling use cases for blockchain technology, have strong development so far, have had similar price trajectories, and have similar forecasts from experts. 

So, the answer to which you should invest lies in whether you are more likely to find a use for global decentralized mobile data or decentralized media streaming. If you have any uncertainty, then splitting your investment between both projects is likely the best idea and has the highest utility for usage, too!

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