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Elements of a good wellness center

Setting yourself on a path to recovery is one of the most crucial individual decisions you can take. It symbolizes the love and responsibility you have not just for yourself but for your friends and family. With the rise in mental health cases resulting from the covid-19 pandemic worldwide, substance abuse has been the go-to solution for many people, especially the younger generation. It is best to take addiction as seriously as any other medical condition, since there are cases where it has led to permanent brain damage and sometimes death.

The most affected are close friends and family. Thus, it is best to enroll in a wellness center and put their worries to rest. It is very enticing, especially with just a simple sip of alcohol or ecstasy pill, to become an addict. Within no time, you find yourself deeply rooted in addiction, and you can’t get out unless you seek help. Making such a decision and taking the step is one of the most selfless things you can do in such a situation. The treatment process usually runs for a few months or more, but it is a good process that guarantees full recovery, especially when diagnosed early enough. Most patients don’t readily admit to having an addiction problem until it is too late. However, friends and family might have pointed it out at one point or another. Some of the signs that you may be having an addiction problem are:

  • You become easily frustrated and get angered by minor things.
  • You become more anxious and depressed
  • Friends and family tell you from time to time that you need help.
  • You get into debt as a result of increased expenditure on alcohol.
  • You become detached from friends and family and prefer spending most of the time alone.
  • You develop high tolerance and increase the dosage of the substance.
  • Insomnia develops
  • Drunken speech and drowsiness.

The addictive substance must be flushed out of the body through the detoxification process since it damages the vital parts of the brain. It is best to fully adhere to the detoxification program to recover well. Once the drugs have been flushed out of your system, you can begin your recovery process without leaning on the drugs. Withdrawal symptoms are common, especially in the early stages of treatment, where anxiety, depression, and irritability may be experienced. Thus, treatment should start promptly to minimize such adverse effects.

A visit to a center like https://www.vsmdetoxaustin.com/ may offer two types of services. These include inpatient and outpatient services;

Inpatient services 

Here you get admitted and access highly supervised treatment, closely monitoring your response to treatment. Moreover, all the staff is hands on deck, ready to cater to every need to recover fully. In addition to that, the expenses can be covered by insurance, or if you are able, you can pay upfront.

Outpatient services 

With outpatient services, you must regularly visit the facility at a specific time scheduled treatment. Moreover, there are few restrictions since you are going home and there is no one to monitor you. It needs individual commitment and discipline for it to work. In addition, you will have personal support from friends and family back at home as you will be seeing them often.

The patients are usually taken through an orientation process where the doctor assesses the extent of damage and customized treatment it is designed. After examining the damage and establishing the program, treatment starts immediately. Drugs such as Lexapro are administered to help with the severe withdrawal symptoms experienced in the initial stages of treatment. It has the same function as substance abuse, only that it has no adverse side effects. During this initial phase of treatment, you must stay away from friends and family so that you focus on recovery. There are also therapy sessions where patients undergo counseling in order to occupy their minds and body and prevent relapses.

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