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Facebook for Online Course Promotion 

With the advancements in science and technology, online teaching platforms are growing rapidly. The online courses platform gives better flexibility, convenience, comfort, and cost-effectiveness and therefore many educators and learners are opting for online education modes.

 In this competitive world, to make your online course successful and financially stable, effective marketing and promotion are important. Today social media platforms are offering many advantages for course promotion. Among several applications, Facebook is widely used by internet users all across the globe. Let us discuss effective tips that online educators can use for promotion. 

How to use Facebook for online course promotion 

1.  Make a Facebook account and page 

The first step to using Facebook for online course promotion is by creating a Facebook account. The process is simple and quick. You need to have a registered mobile number, and email address to make your Facebook account. Here you can start promoting your course by creating digital content, reaching out to more Facebook users, and learners, and expanding your business. For more details and services, you can also make a page. 

2. Conducting live sessions 

Once you start getting a good engagement rate, conducting live sessions is beneficial. You can go live and show your teaching skills, course services, and more to the audience. You can create a live session, teach a particular topic, or share study hacks, tricks, and more. This will surely help you to reach out to the audience more and promote your online course successfully. 

3. Upload texts and stories

Another Facebook feature that can be used for promotion is uploading texts. A text post is quite simple to do, and a quick process. Words are the most impactful of all. You can create a text post mentioning all the details of your online course services and on topics like advantages of joining your course, special features offered, experienced teaching staff, and more. Keep these posts to the point and goal specific. Other than text posts, another Facebook feature for online course promotion is stories. You can upload images, pictures, videos, admission links, offer lists, etc on your stories and they last up to a maximum of twenty-four hours.

4. Be creative 

Today there is a cut-to-cut competition going on in the field of online teaching. Online courses are being launched every single day. To make your content different and most effective of all, being creative and unique is very important. First research well and see what all your competitors are making. See what all are the similarities and repetitive content. Now think about what you can do to make your videos different and eye-catching. You can make videos from attractive places, use catchy taglines, add music, art, and more. This will help you learn how to sell courses online better and stand out from the crowd. 

5. Collaborate with influencers

Today social media is serving great employment opportunities for people. Selling, buying, promoting, and marketing are all these business practices that can be performed via this app. Today, people of all age groups are becoming influencers. They produce digital content, with their effective communication skills, creative ideas, and professional skills and make a positive impact on the youth. 

To promote your online course effectively, collaboration with these Facebook influencers will work. Plan well, tell them what are your expectations, discuss properly and go for the collaboration. The influencers make videos, on your online course and upload them on their official accounts which have a good number of followers. This helps in the expansion of business and effective promotion. 

6. Be regular with your content

As we mentioned above, there is a big competition going on in the field of online education. To attract a good number of learners and make them link with you well, uploading the content and promotional videos regularly is very important. Uploading one day, and then taking a long break won’t work. Staying consistent with social media content is necessary.

 Plan well, manage your time effectively, and make sure that you can conduct videos constantly. Making detailed and informative videos in a single day is not possible. Therefore work in fragments, make a few clips every day, and edit and combine them. Regular uploads will help you to maintain a good engagement rate. 


In the digital world we are living in, online education is reaching greater heights of success. In this education field, competition is high too. By following the above-mentioned tips online educators can promote their online courses effectively by using the social media platform Facebook. 

This is Robert William, the content contributor on blogili.com. Working with different sites as a content writer.

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