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Fallopian tube blockage –  visit the best gynecologist in Delhi as soon as possible. 

Fallopian tube blockage is a tubal factor infertility when an obstruction like infection, scarring, or adhesion prevents eggs from traveling through fallopian tubes. This can occur in one or both and is one of the common causes of infertility in up to about 30 percent of infertile people with ovaries. It is best to visit the best gynecologist to get it treated. Your doctor may give you fertility medicines to increase the chances of ovulating with the open tube. In cases where both tubes are blocked, the doctor will undergo surgery. However, doctors may not recommend this laparoscopy as an early diagnosis as it is invasive and it cannot treat the condition. An expert doctor may be able to suggest a possible diagnosis that will be based on medical history. To check an ectopic pregnancy, women who have tubal surgery should visit the best gynecologist in Delhi as early as they know they are pregnant

What are fallopian tubes? 

The fallopian tubes are a vital part of the female reproductive system and help to transport eggs from the ovaries to the uterus. Fertilization normally happens in the fallopian tubes. The sperm travel from the uterus into the tubes, where they may meet and fertilize an egg. Successful moves of eggs through the fallopian tubes are essential for someone to get pregnant without medical intervention. If in case only one fallopian tube is blocked, there is a possibility for an egg to be fertilized. If both are blocked, this is likely possible. 

What are the causes of blocked fallopian tubes?

The fallopian tube is the place in which the sperm, as well as the egg, meet, and fertilization takes place. Fallopian tube blockages are one of the possible reasons for infertility and are known as tubal occlusion. Many reasons lead to the blockage of fallopian tubes: 

  • Previous ectopic pregnancy, previous pelvic surgery, endometriosis, 
  • Having a pelvic infection history,
  •  Previous condition of a burst appendix
  • STD such as gonorrhea or chlamydia. 
  • If you have abdominal surgery.
  • Swelling, as well as fluid at the end of the fallopian tube, is called hydrosalpinx.

What are the signs of fallopian tube blockage? 

Fallopian tubes are a vital part of the female reproductive system as it is the place where the sperm and egg meet and start fertilization. It can be blocked for many reasons due to injury or damage, and this blockage is one of the possible reasons for infertility. However, the blocked fallopian tubes rarely show symptoms other than difficulty in conceiving; however, they can show some below-listed symptoms, and that will need your instant visit to the best gynecologist in Delhi.

  • Difficulty in conceiving
  • Pain in the pelvis or belly
  • A fertilized egg gets stuck in the tube, which is known as an ectopic pregnancy in severe cases. 

How to diagnose the blockage of the fallopian tubes?

Blocked fallopian tube diagnosis can be difficult medically; sometimes, both the fallopian tubes can be open or closed, so it may be difficult to tell if they are actually blocked or just closed. There are mainly three ways to diagnose the condition: 

  • The best gynecologist will recommend an X-ray or HSG to determine the blockages. 
  • Some will do an ultrasound or sonohysterogram and use sound waves to create an image of fallopian tubes on the monitor.
  •  Laparoscopy is another keyhole surgery in which the best laparoscopic surgeon in Delhi makes a slight cut in the abdomen and inserts a tiny camera to check the condition of the fallopian tube without disturbing the normal anatomical relations. 

The best among all is laparoscopy to diagnose fallopian tube blockages. Queen’s Gynecology offers the best tubal blockage treatment by experienced Gynecologists and the best  Laparoscopic Gynecologists in Delhi. It uses laparoscopy to diagnose tubal blockage and many more conditions. 

How is the blocked fallopian tube treated?

Top laparoscopic surgeons in Delhi use laparoscopic surgery to remove the blockage from fallopian tubes and open them. This is only done if you have small amounts of car tissues in the tubes. The treatment of removing large amounts of scar tissue is not possible. In severe cases of ectopic pregnancy, it causes damage to the tubes, and doctors opt for surgery in this case. And in cases in which fallopian tubes get damaged because of the blockage, the doctor links the healthy parts by removing the damaged part from the body.

How does Queen’s gynecology in Delhi treat fallopian tube blockages?

 At Queen’s gynecology, the best gynecologist for Fallopian Tube Blockage Treatment

  • The best treatment for fallopian tube blockages is a surgery called laparoscopy of blocked fallopian tubes. 
  • The laparoscopic procedures are done to determine the extent of tubal damage. They are also done for 
  • Tubal cannulation, i.e., reopening of fallopian tubes. Tuboplasty, i.e., surgery involving the fallopian tube 
  • Fimbrioplasty, ie.. surgery involving fimbriae of the fallopian tube 
  • Neosalpingostomy, i.e., a small nick in the damaged portion of the fallopian tube. 
  • IVF is the best treatment in cases where fertility cannot be restored by medical or else surgical treatment.

Best gynecologists also prescribe pills to unblock fallopian tubes in some cases. Pills are given to those whose fallopian tubes are blocked due to pelvic infections in tuberculosis. Expert doctors give medications, including antibiotics. These are one of the most effective treatments preferred by the best gynecologists in Delhi

What is the cost of fallopian tube surgery in Delhi?

Suppose a person’s fallopian tubes are blocked in small amounts. In that case, the best gynecologist in Delhi will use laparoscopy surgery to open the tubes and remove the blockage. If in case the blockage is in large amounts. There is no treatment or surgery, the blockage is caused, and the fallopian tubes are damaged, then the specialist will revolve the damaged part and connect the two healthy parts; the opening of blocked fallopian tubes chances depends upon many factors like scarring and location of the blockage, surgery is done to carry out the procedure using keyhole surgery or to remove scar tissue. The costs of fallopian tube blockage surgery depend upon factors like the type of surgery, complications linked to it, clinic, doctor’s fees, etc., at Queen’s gynecology in Delhi; the cost of blocked fallopian tube surgery depends upon the procedure selected. Here the best gynecologist in Delhi evaluates the condition via proper clinical tests and then recommends the best treatment, either medical or surgical. Medical treatment will involve medications, and the cost may be less. Laparoscopic surgical treatment cost may be more and depends upon the hospital, the best surgeon experience, the reason for the blockage, and the stay in the hospital. 


Fallopian tube blockage is among the common reasons for infertility, as the linkup between the uterus and ovaries is the fallopian tubes which are the most vital female reproductive organs. The tube carries eggs from the ovary to the uterus during the menstrual cycle, and if sperm fertilizes the eggs, the embryos go to the uterus through these tubes. The passage of fallopian tubes should be clear so that eggs can connect to sperm. If the passage is blocked, the path is disturbed, and it causes infertility or an inability to conceive. The best gynecologist in Delhi at Queen’s Gynecology treats the condition in the best possible way. The cost of fallopian treatment in Delhi depends upon many factors, and you can visit the clinic to know all about it. 

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