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Healthy Snacks That You Should Try in Delhi

When you’re living in Delhi, you’re in a foodie’s paradise. With an incredible mix of multicultural cuisines to offer, from fine dining to street food, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to snacking in the city. But there’s a reason that the Delhi belly is known worldwide. And it’s because the food this city offers, while delectable, doesn’t always live up to its healthiness and hygiene standards. And if you’re living alone in a PG in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi, the last thing you want is to be falling ill frequently and having to take care of yourself. Besides, your wallet won’t thank you if you’re eating out every day either.

Don’t worry, though. We’re not recommending that you go on a diet or stop eating street food altogether. We know that snacks are a quintessential part of surviving PG life. But it’s time to give those snacks an upgrade. Instead of the deep-fried favourites of questionable quality that you pick up at your nearest chaat vendor, here are some healthier alternatives that you can buy at the grocery store or even make at home. Check it out!

Hummus and Veggies

The next time you’re in the mood for some spicy chole and some deep-fried and greasy bhature to accompany it, try replacing your cravings with some hummus and veggies instead. This Mediterranean snack is the perfect chickpea based alternative that you can buy or even make. This is one of the few foods where store-bought is just as good as homemade, so don’t feel like you need to go out and buy a blender and a bunch of ingredients that you wouldn’t normally have on hand. Choose your favourite flavour of hummus and then simply slice up some cucumbers and carrots or even lavash sticks to dip into it. Snack time is here!

Hard-boiled eggs

Move over bread-omelette sellers, there’s a new hero in town. And it’s called the hard boiled egg. Easier, cheaper and so much healthier than ordering food, this protein-rich snack is the perfect thing to enjoy after a workout or in the middle of a busy day. Plus, a hard-boiled egg is incredibly easy to take with you on the go if you’re looking for a portable snack. Top with the usual salt and pepper, or add to a salad, and you’ll be able to add something filling and delicious to your meals. This is one guilt-free snack you can whip up in seven minutes or less.

Spiced Nuts

Craving namkeens to enjoy along with your evening tea or coffee? Replace those deep fried and oversalted items with some healthy spiced nuts and dry fruits. Nuts pack an incredibly healthy punch and have a long shelf life so you can store them in your PG room without any trouble. Make sure that you buy the plain unsalted bags so that you can control how much salt and spice you’re adding to the mix. Once you’ve got your nuts, you can create a dry rub of salt, pepper and chilly powder and toss the nuts through them, or even opt for a microwave spiced nuts recipe that will create a spicy and sticky glaze over your nuts, making them the perfect snack. Much better than any ordinary namkeen!

Healthy hot chocolate

If you’ve been waiting to head to one of the cafes in Delhi for a great mug of hot chocolate, you no longer need to wait. All you need to do is pick up some good quality cocoa powder at your grocery store. And we know what you’re thinking, hot chocolate mix doesn’t really taste like the real stuff. This is why we recommend not buying hot chocolate powder, but a good quality unsweetened cocoa powder instead. This will be free of way too much-added sugar and preservatives, allowing you to customise your drink to your taste buds. Simply warm up a cup of milk, whisk in two tablespoons of cocoa powder and a pinch of salt, and add a dash of honey for some healthy and natural sweetness. Your hot chocolate will be ready to warm you up in no time.

We hope that these snack ideas make it easy for you to eat healthy and well in Delhi. Try your favourite one out today!

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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