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How Much Do Halfway Houses Cost and Are They Very Strict?

When you come out of a rehab center after completing your chemical detoxification, you are still not out of the woods as far as your addiction is concerned. You have just been detoxified or more simply, cleaned of all the harmful chemicals that you had accumulated in your body through drug abuse. However, you know very well that it’s not just the harmful chemical inside you that needs to be cleaned up but also the psychological pressures that lead you up the wrong path. Your mind is still not strong enough to bear any kind of pressure that you may face at home. That’s why you need to stay in a halfway house for some time and get ready for the world outside. Before that, you need to know what it costs to live in such a house and how you want to set your budget.  

The cost can vary as per the facilities on offer 

There are different types of halfway houses that charge according to the facilities they offer. For instance, those that offer minimum basic facilities are the most economical at $100 to $300 per month. Then there are houses that charge between $400 and $800 per month and offer much better facilities. 

Finally, there are special correction houses that charge around $2000 per month where you get very good facilities. Depending on your financial position and also whether you have the support of your dear ones, you choose the correction house that fits your budget. 

You must abide by the house rules 

Drug addiction is not just the abuse of substance that you indulge in. In many cases it engulfs various elements of unacceptable or even unlawful behavior that an addict gets used to.  You may not have picked up those behavior traits but the house will read out these rules to you nonetheless. 

When you ask around, “Where can I find halfway houses near me?” One of the first things you are likely to hear is “There are rules you must follow there.” People assume that drug addicts are rule-breakers and hence they must be made aware of rules beforehand. 

Staying sober and cooperating is critical

You wanted to kick the addiction and that’s why you went through detox. Now you know the importance of sober living and want to spend time in a correction house. You now know that these houses have their rules for inmates but don’t be anxious about them. These are not what you normally have in inpatient programs. 

The rules are very simple that you may have in your very own house such as, stay sober at all times, cooperate during random testing, no arguments, no violence, no destruction of property, no stealing and adhere to timetables. You must also attend recovery programs that the house organizes. 

Once you have spent enough time in such a reform house, you have the choice of returning home to your family or depending on your situation, you might want to go to sober living homes. These are a little different in the sense that they are not run by the government and there are lesser rules and no compulsions to attend any reform program. However, they won’t compromise on sobriety on your part. 

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