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How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom?

Let’s analyze the cost of bathroom renovation. What is the determining factor in price formation? Of course, the type of repair and square feet.

The small size of the bathrooms is an eternal problem for the owners of small apartments and houses. If the redevelopment of residential still allows you to at least somehow correct the lack of space, then the situation with the bathroom is much more complicated. That is why the decoration of a small bathroom should be carried out by experienced specialists who will help to “squeeze” the maximum out of the available area, making the bathroom more comfortable, spacious, cozy, and functional.

Bathroom decoration in New York

If you decide not to combine a toilet and a bathroom, the latter can be played up in a rather original way, giving preference to light colors and mirrored surfaces. Such decoration of the bathroom will visually increase the space, making it “lighter.” Functionally, it will allow you to increase the usable area in the room by changing the bath itself to a shower cabin. The modern assortment of showers will satisfy even the most demanding and demanding. In this case, it will be possible to significantly free up the room by allocating space for 24 inch vanity bathroom or 36 inch bathroom vanity.

Finishing a combined bathroom

By removing the partition between the bathroom and the toilet, you can “win” precious centimeters and significantly increase both the usable space and the functionality and comfort of the standard room. The combined decoration of the combined bathroom in the Khrushchev can be improved by replacing the toilet with a corner model or even an installation. Pipes and various nodes, connections, including meters, are hidden in a plasterboard box, which at the same time can become a convenient cabinet for storing household chemicals and personal hygiene products. By the way, recently, decoration in the small bathroom has become quite popular, and installation unique bathroom vanity.

Finishing  materials

A bathroom is a place where temperature changes and high humidity are pretty frequent. To ensure that your bathroom design will delight you for many years, pay attention to materials that are resistant to moisture. This does not only apply to walls and floors. The finishing of the modern bathroom vanity will be made must also meet these conditions.

It would be ideal for decorating the bathroom with ceramic tiles or porcelain stoneware, a natural stone of various breeds (marble, onyx), mosaics. Partially, wood (teak, larch) can also be used in the decoration of the bathroom. On materials for the bathroom floor, a special anti-slip coating is industrially applied. If possible, choose just such floor coverings.

Professionalism and guarantees

Professionals carry out the finishing of the combined bathroom in New York on the following favorable and affordable conditions for any budget:

Objective prices;



Official guarantees for work and materials used;

Individual approach and fulfillment of the most daring wishes for the arrangement of the premises.

Call the indicated numbers on the website newbathroomstyle.com to find out how much it will cost to finish a bathroom or a combined unit in Brooklyn specifically for your case right now.

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