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Why should you choose Footprint network for advanced blockchain data analytics?

The crypto market has grown exponentially in recent years and today it is one of the fastest-growing financial assets in the commercial market. There are numerous cryptocurrency assets that provide good trading opportunities to traders globally. Blockchain technology is closely associated with cryptocurrency transactions as the technology plays a key role in ensuring that virtual currency transactions happen as smoothly as possible. The blockchain companies serve multiple clients thereby providing business solutions to a large volume of critical transactions.

Blockchain technology is essentially a dedicated software that prompts the blockchain to automatically share or update information within the database every time there is a fresh and new transaction in the relevant digital domain. A blockchain is made up of blocks that are basically encoded or hashed batch of transactions. Each code links the block hash that comes before it to form a chain which is also known as the blockchain.

What to expect from the footprint network

What to expect from the footprint network?

There are different tools and software systems that provide advanced blockchain data analytics and different aspects of cryptocurrency transactions. The Footprint Network is one extremely efficient, powerful, and easy-to-use analytical tool that uncovers and visualizes the blockchain data. The footprint network provides effective solutions for exploring the blockchain data plus it gives an incredibly easy user interface experience to the users. There is no need for any coding or SQL queries for exploring the blockchain data. With the help of this tool, almost anyone can present and discover the actionable insights related to Defi via the superior interface.

The solution provided by the footprint network gives rich data analysis templates that support fork charts through a simple click, thus helping the users to easily manage and create personalized dashboards. The users can also share data tables as well as dashboards with partners and team members and even on social media channels for providing advanced insight.

The subscribers to the https://www.footprint.network/  get access to the cross-chain and the multi-project data thereby enabling users to create plus analyze the charts on different aspects related to blockchain. There is also advanced wallet labeling where the labels and footprint track the address exchange of the individual wallets. This means that you can track which of the address is selling off or accumulating specific tokens and the amount of profit it generates for the portfolio or the coin.

Through the help of token metrics for engagement, liquidity, and usage, the users can make informed decisions at different stages of their investment. With the help of the footprint network, the users can check out both real-time as well as historical data from the pools and addresses. The footprint is a destination for global users for sharing insights and driving the development of the platform. A lot of the active, engaged, and diverse members support and share stuff via the community forum.

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