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How Tall is Caillou? Complete Guide in 2022

Cailou, a character from the children’s show “Caillou” is one of the most recognizable characters on television. After more than a decade on TV, Cailou still captures the hearts of children everywhere with his zany antics. But how tall is he really?

What is Caillou?

Caillou is a character on the Canadian animated television series “The Backyardigans.” He is a small, brown-haired boy who loves to play by himself or with his friends. Caillou is always up for adventure, and he loves to explore the world around him.

How tall is Caillou?

Caillou is the perfect character for little children, as he is very friendly and loves to play. Caillou’s height is unknown, but judging by his clothes he probably stands around four or five feet tall.

What does Caillou look like?

Caillou is a small, blue-eyed Canadian character who is known for his mischievous personality and love of nature. He is often seen hiking or playing in the snow, and is always up for a laugh. Caillou measures just 4 feet 9 inches tall, but he has giant eyes and a big smile that make him look much bigger!

What does Caillou wear?

Caillou is a character from the animated TV series “The Backyardigans.” He is a small, brown-haired, mischievous boy who loves to play with his friends. One of Caillou’s favorite things to do is wear clothes! He loves to put on different outfits and see what looks good on him. Sometimes he wears things that are a bit too big for him, but that’s okay because it makes him look comical and fun.

Where can I find more information about Caillou?

Caillou is a Canadian character created by French animator René Laloux. He is a small, round child with big blue eyes and brown hair which he often styles into a topknot. Caillou first appeared on television in Quebec in the early 1980s and has since become popular in francophone countries around the world.

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