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How to be Affordably Fashionable in 2022

2022 is shaping up to be the most expensive year in a long time. Covid-induced supply chain problems, rampant inflation, and Russia’s senseless war on Ukraine have driven down currency value all over the world and made international trade more difficult. Tax increases will only drive costs up even more. Some experts expect clothing to get 20% costlier this year. With such a dismal outlook for fashionistas, what is the best way to stay stylish without breaking the bank?

Deal Shop Now

Because the GST decided to defer their latest tax hike, the worst isn’t here yet. If you’ve had your eye on a cute top but haven’t taken the plunge, now may be the time. Don’t break the bank (you may need that cash later), but be proactive in chasing down clothing deals to make the most of the time before the tax hike goes into effect. It may even be a good time to shop for cheap bedroom dressers as you stock up for the rest of 2022.

We can’t know how trends are going to change in the upcoming months, but don’t be afraid to stock up on summer, fall, and winter items from online clothing boutiques if you need them. Then when the big crunch comes later, you’ll be looking great while your friends bemoan their growing credit card bills.

Style Creatively

Instead of worrying about what the movers and shakers are wearing, why not create your own vibe? 2022 may be the perfect time to let your inner-self shine though in what you wear and how you wear it. Be honest, some of us could relate more than we let on to Isabel from Encanto. So instead of wearing what’s expected, create what is most you.

Mix and match old outfits in unexpected ways. Dig deep in the closet and resurrect an old trend by combining it with something new. If you’ve got the chops, get creative with a pair of scissors! You (like Isabel) may be surprised and delighted to discover what you’re capable of creating. Who knows? Maybe after a couple of unapologetic posts showcasing your genius, you may set a new trend!

Redirect the Focus

Or maybe it’s time to shift the focus away from ourselves altogether. With the world in a state we’ve not seen since World War 2, maybe it’s time to shift the focus to the bigger issues.

Celebrities have already started. Salma Hyak stepped out in a simple outfit that boldly displayed Ukraine’s colors, cementing her solidarity with the war-ravaged nation. Jennifer Beals wore the nation’s colors unashamedly when she hit the red carpet in a Gucci ensemble. Women were even spotted carrying Ukraine’s flag around Paris during Fashion Week.

Sometimes all it takes is sporting a couple of simple colors to let the world know where you stand. So whether it’s showing support for a cause you believe in or letting your own light shine through, make 2022 the year you, not prices, dictate the year’s style.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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