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How to Check if Off-White x Nike Shoes Are Legit?

The hype of the Nike x off-white collab is at an all-time high. These sneakers have become some of the most sought-after sneakers in recent history. As a result of the high demand for this limited collaboration, fakes and replicas have been flooding the market. If you decide to buy an aftermarket Nike x off-white collab, you will know how to legit check it.

Please ensure that you request high-resolution photos from sellers if you are looking to purchase off-white. Low-resolution screenshots and poorly lit photos make it difficult to verify photos digitally.

In order to verify a shoe is genuine, you need to ask for close-up detail shots of the shoe. Without these additional photos, it’s virtually impossible to verify a shoe’s details are accurate.

Here are some tips for keeping yourself safe when purchasing off-white x Nike sneakers at sneaker store.

The stitching

The stitching

It is incredible how much attention to detail goes into the off-white collection. It is because of the materials used and the construction that the sneakers are so special. It takes a lot of time and effort to stitch the sneakers. Their stitching is of the utmost quality and you can easily tell a real pair from a fake pair by the stitching. The stitching on the authentic pairs will be precise, even, and professional. If the stitching looks messy, uneven, or off, you’re probably looking at a fake pair.

The box

There are plenty of fake off white shoes that have the off-white branding printed badly in the box, and the type is usually off and spaced out. The box is usually a pretty good indication if your pair is genuine or not. The off-white branding is done in the ‘Helvetica’ font, making it easy to mimic, but most fake boxes don’t get the spacing and type setting correct.

Box tags / size tags on the box are also a sign. There are fake pairs that have awful stickers, where you can tell the printing is off. They are often smudged or misprinted. The tags are usually transparent, with a white hue. If you see one without this, it’s probably fake. A good tip is to look for a box that has a suggested retail price in CAD if you’re buying a pair in Canada. In fact, the fakes usually have US suggested retail prices, rather than Canadian retail prices.

The orange tab

One constant marking across all of the off-white x Nike collection is the orange tab. The tab on the authentic pairs will feel and look like it has tiny little bumps on it. If it’s authentic, it will have a bit of texture to it. Authentic pairs will have rounded corners, while the real ones will have straight ones. On the fake pairs, they will appear glossy and without texture.

The off-white branding

There are a lot of off-white markings on this sneaker. Whether it’s the stamped logo on the medial sides, or the “AIR” or “FOAM” written on the midsoles. If the sneakers are leather, the medial prints look just like stamps, which they are. There will be some smudges in the type and the print will not appear evenly applied. If the shoes are mesh or other textures, the print will appear faded and uneven. It’s likely to be fake if it looks perfect.

Whether it’s the Jordan 1 or the Presto, any “AIR” or “FOAM” prints will have a matte finish. If the paint looks glossy or shiny, then it’s likely fake.

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