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How to Check Zong Balance for 2022 (100% Working Methods)

This is the humble thing you are a Zong customer but don’t know how to check Zong’s balance in 2022? Here we have discussed the paid and free ways you can easily check the remaining balance of Zong.

This can be an easy task for older Zong SIM users, they can easily see the remaining balance but this can be a difficult task for a new Zong customer. They do not know how to check the balance when charging. So for this purpose you should read this content carefully which we have briefly discussed. There are two basic ways to check Zong balance:

  • Check Zong balance with code
  • Check Zong balance by calling.

Check Zong balance using Code

Checking the Zong SIM balance with code is an easy task, you need to follow the instructions below where you will be able to check the Zong SIM balance without any problems:

  • Open the Phone dialer
  • Type code * 222 #
  • Press the OK button
  • Wait a few seconds and an alert message will appear.


First, you have to unlock the phone dialer or whatever you have the best smartphone or keypad phone, this code will work on all types of phones with ZONG SIM.

Just dial * 222 # code that will help you check Zong balance without further confirmation. After pressing the OK button, a light message will appear where you can see all the details related to your Zong balance. Make sure you have enough code dialing, this may cost some.

In addition, if you have to check Zong balance without tax then follow the second method.

Check Zong balance by calling

If you have enough time to check the Zong balance, you can follow this method where you can check the Zong SIM balance without paying any taxes. This is a completely free method. So follow the instructions on how to check Zong balance by calling:

  • Open dial
  • Dial 310
  • Press 2 times.


Turn on dialing and dial 310, if the computer gives you instructions, press 2 twice. After that the computer will share with you all the information related to your Zong SIM such as the remaining balance of Zong SIM, Zong MB, Zong SMS and more.


Recently, I bought my ZONG SIM and do not know how to check the remaining balance, MB, and SMS and then I followed the methods to check the Zong SIM data we discussed above. If you have a better way we can easily check the balance of ZONG, you can share with us the comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you view the balance of ZONG SIM?

Use * 222 # code to check ZONG SIM balance or dial 310 and press the 2 key twice.

Can we check the ZONG SIM balance from the official ZONG app?

Yes, you can also check the ZONG SIM balance in the official ZONG operating system, just install the ZONG app and enter your ZONG number, verify it and use it.

Can we check the ZONG balance with a ZONG representative?

Yes, if you can also check ZONG balance with a ZONG representative, call the helpline with your registration number and they will confirm and they will share all the details related to your ZONG SIM.

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