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How to Download AliExpress Images for Free (And Videos Too!)

AliExpress is a massive store that sells a huge range of goods at reasonable prices. But getting high-quality pictures of products can be a pain for people who use AliExpress for business. It takes too long and isn’t efficient to right-click, save, and rename each picture individually.

EcomStal’s “AliEx Image & Video Downloader” Chrome add-on can help with this. This free tool makes it easier to download pictures and movies from any AliExpress product page. It will save you a lot of time and work.

Why should you get pictures from AliExpress?

There are a few reasons you might need to get pictures from AliExpress:

  • Dropshipping: If you have your own online store and do dropshipping, you’ll need good pictures of the items you sell. Downloading pictures from AliExpress by hand can really slow down your work.
  • Blog posts and reviews: If you write blog posts or reviews about AliExpress goods, you should include pictures to make the material better and show off the products to your viewers.
  • Social Media Marketing: For social media efforts to work, you need images of your products that get people’s attention. When you download photos from AliExpress, it’s easy to keep track of the pictures of your products for social media.
  • Making Product Mockups: To make mockups for your own product designs, you may need pictures of the products you want to use.

What does “AliEx Image & Video Downloader” from EcomStal do?

It’s easy to get pictures and videos from AliExpress product pages with EcomStal’s “AliEx Image & Video Downloader” Chrome app, which is free. Here are a few of its most important parts:

  • With just one click on the application button, you can download all of the pictures and movies for a product right away. You don’t have to right-click, save, and rename each file anymore.
  • Multiple Image choices: You can choose from different image choices, such as main product images, alternative images that show different colors or styles, and even images that sellers provide to show specific descriptions.
  • Review Image Grabber: Use real shots of customers writing reviews in your advertising! With this feature, it’s easy to download feedback pictures that show real user experiences and help your audience trust you.
  • Built-in editing of photos (NEW!): Before you save the pictures you got, make them better. Simple changes like cutting, trimming, and adding text can be made to product images to make them fit your needs. 

How to Use EcomStal to Download Images from AliExpress?

It’s very easy to download pictures from AliExpress with EcomStal. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Get the Chrome add-on here: Look for “AliEx Image & Video Downloader” by EcomStal in the Chrome Web Store. You can also go to EcomStal’s website and find a link there. Press “Add to Chrome” to set up the add-on.
  • Go to a product page on AliExpress: On AliExpress, go to any product page where you want to get pictures.
  • Get the Extension Icon: Once the extension is set up, a new icon will appear in the Chrome menu. Depending on how you have Chrome set up, this could be next to the address bar or in the options menu, which is generally shown by three vertical dots.
  • To download photos and videos, click on the application button. The app will look at the product page and make all the picture and video links that it can find.
  • See Your Download Options: The app will show all the pictures and movies that can be downloaded from the product page in a pop-up window. You can do the following here:
  • Downloading Single Photos and Videos: To download each photo or movie on its own, click on the box that says “Download.”
  • Downloading All Videos and Pictures as a ZIP File: Click the “Download All” button to get all the videos and pictures you can find in a ZIP file.
  • Possible: New feature: You can now edit images by clicking the “Edit” icon next to a picture if the built-in image editor is enabled. This lets you do simple changes like cropping, resizing, and adding text before saving.
  • Free Login for Extra Features: Downloading photos and movies one at a time is free, but to use some extra features, you may need to create a free account on the EcomStal website.

How to Use EcomStal to Download Videos from AliExpress?

It’s easy to get pictures and videos from AliExpress product pages with EcomStal’s “AliEx Image & Video Downloader” Chrome app, which is free. Here are a few of its most important parts:

Select the EcomStal addon and click on it.

Find the thumbnail for the movie in the pop-up window.

There is a download link next to the clip of the video. You can also right-click on the video and choose “Download” from the menu that appears.

You will get the movie on your device.

Why do you need this free tool?

This “AliEx Image & Video Downloader” from EcomStal is useful for many people:

Dropshippers: This app is a game-changer for dropshippers who need to get high-quality pictures of their products for their online shops quickly and easily. It saves a lot of time and trouble by getting rid of the need to download files by hand.

People who blog and review: It is very helpful to be able to access high-resolution pictures without having to download each one separately if you write blog posts or reviews about AliExpress goods. This app makes it easy to add pictures to your posts, which makes them more interesting for readers.

Marketers who use social media: For social media ads to work, they need to include pictures of products that get people’s attention. With EcomStal’s app, you can download a lot of images of products from AliExpress at once, which makes it easier to make content for social media.

People who make online courses: If you use AliExpress goods in your online training, this app lets you grab pictures and videos of the items to use in your lessons.
People who need images from AliExpress for personal use: This app can help you if you just need high-quality pictures of things you see on AliExpress, even if you’re not using it for business.

What you need to know about EcomStal’s “AliEx Image & Video Downloader”

These are some of the most common questions people have about EcomStal’s “AliEx Image & Video Downloader”:

Is it free to use the add-on?

Yes, it is free to download single photos and movies. But for some extra functions, you may need to sign up for a free account on the EcomStal website.

Is the add-on safe?

The expansion is usually thought to be safe, and EcomStal is a respectable company. Before adding any Chrome app, it’s always a good idea to read reviews and make sure you have the right access.

Can I use the add-on on all AliExpress product pages?

Most AliExpress product pages should be able to use the add-on. There is a small chance, though, that it won’t work right on some pages because of differences in how they were designed.

What kinds of pictures can I get?

The application gets pictures in either JPG or PNG format, based on what format is used on the AliExpress product page.

Can I get all the pictures of a product at once, including variations and pictures for the descriptions?

Yes, the app lets you download all the pictures that are available, such as the main product image, alternative images, and description photos.

The built-in picture maker doesn’t always work, right?

With the new built-in picture viewer, you might not be able to get it in the future. It’s best to check how the app works before you use it.

What will happen when I visit the EcomStal page and log in?

If you log in to the EcomStal website, you might be able to access extra features, like the ability to manage saved files or download in bulk. (Always check each time you use what features are available)

Are there any limits on how movies can be downloaded?

Depending on what the AliExpress product page and the app can do, the movies you can download may have rules about their size or time.

If you use EcomStal’s “AliEx Image & Video Downloader,” getting photos and movies from AliExpress will be much easier and take a lot less time. This free Chrome app is very helpful for people who need high-quality AliExpress images because it is easy to use and has useful features.

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