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How to ensure successful Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migration

Over the years, Salesforce has grown from a traditional CRM to enterprise app development platform. You can now create custom enterprise apps for CPQ, fulfillment, billing and more with Salesforce. However, for this, you need to migrate from Classic to Lightning.

Lightning is a modern interface that is built on top of Salesforce’s mobile application technology. Not only it promises faster navigation and a more intuitive user experience but also allows business users and developers to create custom apps with its low-code development framework. Although the benefits of Classic to Lightning are countless, business leaders hesitate to migrate.

Migration from Classic to Lightning can be a daunting task. It requires a lot of time, effort, and is prone to risks. In this article, we’ll highlight best practices to ensure successful Salesforce Classic to Lightning migration.

‍‍‍Critical Salesforce Classic to Lightning migration steps

  • Lightning readiness check

Readiness Check is the first step towards migration as it allows you to identify gaps between your current Classic and Lightning. It also helps you to understand what will be impacted, how much time and effort will be required to switch over. By performing readiness checks, you’ll be able to understand potential issues and identify features which you’re using currently but will no longer be available in Lightning.

  • Gap analysis

Once you understand how your team uses Classic using readiness checks, it’s time to perform gap analysis. Not all features from Classic are available in Lightning. So, you need to identify Lightning features that will fill the gap. You also need to identify features that will improve the processes and systems.

  • Undergo the migration

Some enterprises opt to migrate to Lightning in one go. Since Salesforce is a big application that touches everything from CRM to CPQ to fulfillment to billing and more, it would be good if you undergo migration gradually, migrating team by team. The bigger the enterprise, the better it is to roll out gradually.

  • Test your migration

Testing the Lightning in the sandbox test environment is very important since some of the existing Classic features are replaced by Lightning features. Furthermore, testing also ensures that customizations, and integrations work as intended.  Testing also covers features that were not covered during Lightning Experience Readiness Check. Exhaustive user acceptance testing and functional testing needs to be performed to understand the impact impact of each change.

  • Post-migration testing

One of the biggest advantages of Classic to Lightning migration is the innovative features that come as seasonal releases. Every customization and integration needs to be tested whenever a seasonal release is rolled out. Thus, testing cannot be termed a one-time task, but an ongoing process.

As multiple rounds of testing is required during migration and post go-live, doing this manually cannot be considered as a viable solution. All you need is to incorporate automated Salesforce testing. However, all the available test automation tools will not work, since the main stakeholders in Salesforce migration are business users. They are non-technical persons with limited bandwidth. So, you cannot opt for a code based test automation platform. 

No-code Salesforce testing platform is what you need.

  • You need to bring in a no-code Salesforce testing platform with a low learning curve. With low code test automation platform business users can actively participate in testing and can easily validate the business processes.
  • Also look for self-healing capabilities in a test automation platform since Salesforce is a dynamic application and test automation scripts often become fragile whenever a seasonal release is rolled out.

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