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How to Get the Best Results from SEO for Different Industries

The web offers a wealth of information on just about anything. People are now relying on search engines to find what they need and to answer any question they have in mind.

According to January 2022 data, Google handles more than 3.5 billion searches daily, or about 1.2 trillion searches yearly. These searches could be anything: from the nearby hair salons to back pain relief. Many industries focus on this online user behavior and have found ways to harness search engine capabilities. As a result, these businesses are now enjoying higher rankings and better traffic, thanks to SEO.

Home Repair and Renovations Industry

As said by Digital Authority Partners, SEO or search engine optimization can drive more traffic to your business website and, eventually, foot traffic to your local business. SEO benefits each industry depending on their respective audiences and the products, services, and offers they want to highlight.

Businesses that offer home repair and renovation services use local SEO to help cover customers from their specific areas. Contractors need an optimized website to help them rank higher on search engine results pages and trump other similar businesses in the area.

An optimized site allows contractors to provide location-specific services and offers. Also, local SEO practices like GMB or Google My Business give contractors improved visibility and more chances to attract the right clients.

A business’ GMB profile is connected to Google Maps to help your clients navigate to your local site. Claim and optimize your GMB profile to take advantage of its many optimization features. And aside from optimizing your GMB, consider these strategies to boost the ranking of your home contractor’s website.

  • Get more exposure by adding your business to local directories and home improvement sites.
  • Improve your site content by posting valuable topics such as how-to content, homeowner tips, the cost of home improvement projects, and much more.
  • Promote your business through social media, email marketing, and local print news.
  • Respond quickly to customer questions. Manage customer reviews and always respond professionally to all reviews.

Medical Industry

Whether you’re a medical practitioner, a marketer for a medical facility, or a medical service provider such as a laboratory, pharmacy, or research company, SEO can help you rank your business higher on SERPs. The medical industry is very competitive; you need the best strategies to improve visibility and overtake your competitors.

SEO can promote their website and increase foot traffic to their local clinics for doctors, medical specialists, and dentists. An optimized website can promote their services and offers for businesses like hospitals, specialty centers, and laboratories. SEO ensures that patients can easily find the healthcare business they need.

Medical SEO can help you showcase your expertise online. People seeking medical help want the best practitioner, treatments, and products. Consider these medical SEO strategies to promote your medical website and show that you’re the best in your practice.

  • Target the right medical keywords. Consider your expertise, your geographic area, and what your users seek.
  • Create high-quality content pages for each of your services, patient conditions, specific questions, etc. Always consider your target audience and their desired search topic.
  • Opt for long-form educational site content to increase site authority.
  • Use different forms of content that appeal to your audience. Try videos, images, infographics, and podcasts.
  • Optimize your GMB so your patients and clients can easily find you.
  • Get cited in medical directories, doctor directories, social profile listings, newspaper sites, and other relevant directories and local citation sites.

Ecommerce Industry

SEO can help you reach the right audience regardless of what you’re selling or offering online. An optimized eCommerce site has higher organic search traffic and has higher rankings on SERPs. As a result, more people use Google to look for products and make intelligent buying decisions.

According to 75% of marketers, SEO can make their websites very effective in achieving their marketing goals. Therefore, SEO works for eCommerce sites, but you need the right SEO strategy to make it work. Consider these eCommerce SEO tactics.

  • Conduct thorough keyword research and create a targeted keyword list based on audience intent.
  • Improve your site architecture to map your user’s behavior throughout your site easily.
  • Enhance your site’s technical SEO by improving site speed, fixing duplicate content, using an XML sitemap, and promoting a mobile-friendly eCommerce site.
  • Use SSL technology to keep your data and customers secure as they use your website.

Restaurant Industry

Restaurant SEO ensures that search engines can index and find your business’ valuable information and the best data to help your prospects make intelligent decisions. Although SEO for the restaurant industry may seem familiar, there are also some unique things to consider.

Marketers for this industry have a chance to create fun, exciting content for users who are into food and cooking. But they should also consider search intent as there are many reasons why people search for food and cooking ideas.

Google uses the acronym E-A-T or Expertise, Authority, Trust. Observing E-A-T on your website means that you are the expert and the authority regarding a specific topic. A leader in the industry gains customer trust. E-A-T goes together and is critical when creating an optimized food-related or restaurant website.

  • Observe on-page SEO strategies. Consider keyword research, optimize title tags and meta descriptions, and improve on-page content.
  • Experiment with rich content formats such as Ebooks, guides, recipes, videos, shopping lists, checklists, webinars, menu planners, infographics, etc.
  • Improve your link-building strategies by reaching out to bloggers and influencers, contributing to food-related websites, etc.
  • Ask your customers to provide a review or a testimonial.

Final Words

No matter what industry you belong to, SEO can give your website the boost to rank higher on search engine pages. SEO can help drive traffic to your site and increase traffic to your local shop or office if you have a storefront. Use these top SEO strategies to gain more advantage over your competitors and show your authority in your industry.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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