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The wooden carport: an increasingly popular alternative to the garage

The wooden carport is becoming increasingly popular among individuals. This is due to the fact that wood has many technical and aesthetic advantages. It is natural, robust, elegant, environmentally friendly and easy to install, and has a very good price-quality ratio. There are many reasons to choose a wooden carport! Find out everything you need to know before buying a wooden carport.

Types of carport

There are different types of carport :

– attached to the house: it can be used as a pergola to create an outdoor space;

– closed (covered on all sides) or semi-closed (covered on two or three sides) wooden carports offer better protection for your vehicle in windy regions;

 – self-supporting wooden carport also called freestanding carport

There are also wooden garages with integrated carports

How to choose your carport

To choose the type of carport best suited to your home, everything depends on your surface area and your needs. If you have a large area, you will probably have a choice of where to put your carport. Next to the house on 4 pillars (freestanding), attached to the house or garage, enclosed or semi-enclosed as a garage extension and storage space… Do you only need to store one vehicle? Two vehicles? A camper van or a truck? Outdoor equipment? An extra living space for DIY? These are some of the questions that will guide your decision-making. To help you plan your project, don’t hesitate to consult https://www.quick-garden.co.uk/wooden-carports/ for detailed information on the different types of carports, such as dimensions, plans, etc.

Your region and the more or less frequent bad weather can also play a role in the choice of the carport and more particularly the type of roof, sloping, with one or two slopes.

If the structure is intended to last over time and add value to your home, for example, don’t skimp on the quality of the wood: you should choose a softwood such as spruce, larch or pine, the best quality being douglas fir.

The advantages of wood

– The price : a  quality wooden carport is often less expensive than its steel or aluminium equivalents.

– Aesthetics : the wooden carport differs from other carports by its purer style, which blends perfectly with the landscape. 

– Ease of installation : wood is a suitable material if you want to build your carport yourself, as the construction of a wooden carport does not require a great mastering of the building work.

 – Sturdiness : even if it may seem fragile because of its simple appearance, the wooden carport is robust and resists climatic aggressions such as wind, hail, snow, etc. Wood is very resistant, especially to insects, moisture and mould. It adapts perfectly to the design of your space.

– Practicality : unlike the garage, the open wooden carport is practical for parking your vehicle. You don’t have to wait for a door to open, nor do you have to look for the keys to open it as you would in a garage.

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