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How to identify the performance of your tracking device

The purpose of using the vehicle tracking device in our Car tracker Pakistan is not only to track the routes and track the location but also to get an overall picture of the efficiency yield across the trips.

Therefore, if the vehicle tracking device does not provide a clear picture of the vehicle’s daily activities and is insufficient to inform the authority about the unhealthy trends across trips, it does nothing intact.

But if the device is proactive and able to collect and produce the necessary data, including time, fuel costs, road trends, traffic trends, optimized routes, idle time, distance traveled, efficiency utilization, etc., it manages loud and powerful.

The best way to identify your tracking device’s performance is by calculating the device’s uptime, location accuracy, durability, and battery life of the tracking device.


The active hours of the vehicle tracking device, which are from the moment the key is switched on to the second the vehicle switches off, are called uptime.

It involves productive availability of time, location covered by the wheels, degree of acceleration (speed), ignition status (amount of fuel burned and its trends), the status of vehicle turns during the ride.

Vehicle performance ratios can be determined by measuring all of these factors. However, the condition of the road, the favorable weather, the drivers’ driving behavior are not the same every day.

Therefore, a good vehicle tracking device can provide an insight into the rides that counts all of these factors. Therefore, the uptime of tracking times is important.

To put it simply, tracking uptime is defined by the availability of time, location, speed, ignition status, motion status, and data.


The benchmark for measuring a device’s durability is its unmatched performance under various conditions.

When it comes to vehicle tracking devices, the sustainability of the device to meet the expected requirements of car owners in all kinds of weather and terrain is hassle-free.

The ability of the sensors to work quickly and the quality of the hardware components to guarantee the longevity of the device and its functions as a unified tool to steer vehicles on trips to deliver productive output add value to the durability of the device.

Furthermore, the manufacturing elements, the size of the components, service options also increase the durability of tracking devices.

Accuracy of location

Obtaining the exact location of the vehicle from the tracking device is an inactive way of identifying its performance.

A device’s location accuracy depends on a number of factors, such as GPS satellites, signal strength, atmospheric condition, satellite geometry, and receiver quality and features.

The location of the device also plays an important factor when accessing the exact location of the vehicle.

Therefore, the devices equipped with advanced gadgets with updatable software support work well enough and provide accurate location data in real-time.

Battery life

Battery life depends on how much energy it consumes. But we must keep in mind that the battery life will vary on different devices.

But more battery life is always better, which is why when calculating the performance of your tracking device, the battery life of the device is considered.


To identify the performance of the best car tracker in Pakistan, we need to briefly consider all of these factors, and it is a time-consuming process.

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