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How To Polish Your Corporate Pitch Email To Win More Deals?

The popularity of influencer marketing is on the top of popularity these days. As a result, the competition grows day by day. PR firms do not stop receiving emails from bloggers/influencers who look for any kind of collaboration. If you know how to write corporate pitch emails, you increase your chances to succeed. 

You will find a detailed guide on how to write eye-catching pitch emails. Our tips will help you find enough inspiration for what you will include in your email.

What Should You Include in Pitch Emails?

Your email must be written with a purpose. The best media pitches examples catch the attention of PR agencies immediately. Make sure you speak clearly about your future collaboration. Avoid overloading it with minor details. Follow our recommendations to compose the best pitch email template for your future usage.

1. Correct subject lines

When you try to approach a new brand, you use a cold emailing technique. Your subject lines are very important. They can determine whether a recipient will open your pitch email or not. Make intriguing and engaging subject lines. Avoid generic subject lines if you do not want your email to end in a spam bin. An effective subject line includes a brand name, numbers, and the call to action. 

2. Email introduction

Do you know that only 9% of pitch emails receive a response. Why do pitch emails get ignored? Some of them sound too promotional, while others look generic and non-personalized. Start your pitch email with a good introduction, presenting yourself, your company, and your services. You must motivate others to become your partners by highlighting your strong sides and all the advantages of cooperating with you.

3. Body text

Now, we move to the main part of your corporate pitch email. It always follows the introduction section. The body text asks for personalization. Do not forget to mention all your successful marketing/PR campaigns. Illustrating your achievements with real numbers will make the right impression on your recipient. Let your future partner know how you are going to achieve all ambitious goals you set for yourself. Try to be always creative and straightforward.

5. Call to action

Every successful pitch email contains a call to action. The type you choose will depend on the specific of your work and your goals. It is a good idea to include a link to your site, where your future partner can learn about your work and achievements. Do not forget to insert a link to the calendar, where your prospect can book a phone call.

6. Closing

It is essential to close your corporate email in a correct and professional way. The closing part should be kept simple and short. Wish a person a good day, letting them know that you are waiting for cooperation. 

7. Follow up

Some influencers hesitate whether they should follow up their pitch emails or not. In our opinion, sending follow-up emails will not harm anybody. It is a common practice, which can make a huge difference. Sometimes your recipient is too busy and simply may miss your pitch email. If you send a polite follow-up, you double our chances to get a positive reply very soon. However, avoid being too pushy or intrusive. If you start sending more than 1-2 follow-up emails, your recipient will get annoyed very fast and you will forget about your cooperation in the future. So, be self-confident, but always respect the opinion and decision of other people.

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