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How to Sell a Website and Get the Price You Deserve in 2021

With profits ranging from $1000 and up to $5000, making and selling websites can be a very profitable investment. Whether flipping an old website or selling yours, it’s the best thing to do to get some extra cash.

However, like any other investment, selling a website requires knowledge and tricks to maximize profits. For that reason, this article will explain how to sell a website and get the best price possible. Let’s get started.

1. Make It Well-Designed and Mobile-Friendly

The goal of this process is to maximize profits by turning the website into its most pristine condition. This means making the website well-designed, mobile-friendly, and looking presentable for potential buyers.

First, make a list of the things that need work on the website. Cover different aspects, like the aesthetics, functionality, and SEO, and then make the changes.

Set aside some budget in case the website needs significant revamping or if you need to hire professional web designers.

Additionally, upgrade the website by investing in a credible web hosting provider, like Hostinger. Doing so will help create a fast-loading, mobile-friendly website.

2. Know How Much Your Site is Worth

The price of a website depends on several factors, like domain name, web design software, and search engine ranking. It’s important to understand these factors before setting the best selling price.

Knowing how much the website is worth will let you get money, avoid loss, and understand the buying power of your target audience.

The best-case scenario is selling for the highest price possible. A good example is the website Jobs For Felons, which was sold for $500,000 on Flippa.

To give yourself the best chances of selling for the best price possible, follow these steps:

  • Check the average market price through website-selling marketplaces, like Flippa.
  • Determine how old the website is.
  • Check the quality of the backlinks by using tools like Ahrefs Backlink Checker.

Use the above findings to determine the most profitable selling price that would still appeal to potential buyers.

3. Increase Traffic Sources

Another factor that increases the profit margin of selling websites is your traffic sources. Out of many traffic sources, it’s best to focus on increasing organic traffic.

Organic traffic is consistent and free, providing value, quality, and long-term stability to the website. The higher your organic traffic is, the better domain authority your website gets.

To gain organic traffic, start by creating a sitemap or Schema Markup. Then, ensure there are no duplicate URLs as they affect SEO badly. Also, always use focus keywords, add meta descriptions, title tags, and alt text to images.

4. Know Your Potential Buyers

An essential part of selling is knowing who your potential buyers are. This increases your chances of maximizing profits and getting a faster return on investment (ROI).

To know who your potential buyers are, start by analyzing your website and your competitors. Then, choose a specific buyer demographic to target. Calculate their buying power with the price you set for the website.

If you’re flipping larger websites, reach out to private buyers, as personal communication makes a better first impression.

5. Send out Emails

Sending out direct emails to potential buyers may not help you reach a broader target market, but it will surely increase the chances of conversion. Making an offer to a potential buyer directly will surely grab their attention, which will increase the likelihood of a response.

To promote your website via email, create your mailing list and the email content. Prepare the copy, website link, website report, and your contact information. Send the email to the best prospects.

6. Practice Due Diligence

In selling processes, due diligence is a common occurrence. It’s a process performed by potential buyers to investigate a product’s quality before going into a transaction.

It’s essential to make this process easier by preparing the necessary information about the website beforehand.

Start by providing proof of your website traffic. The more traffic sources you have, the better. Use tools like Google Analytics to help compile the report.

If you’re selling an eCommerce website, prepare the profit and losses report for the last two years, as well as its legal information. Additionally, create a handover document to the new website owner for a more straightforward process.

7. Sell on the Right Platforms

Selling the website on the right platforms ensures an effective selling process. There are two options, which are to sell on marketplaces or go with website brokers.

Marketplaces work best for small to medium-sized websites, while brokers are more suitable for large websites. Analyze both options and decide which one suits you better.

The most popular marketplaces to sell websites on are Flippa, Empire Flippers, and We Sell Your Site. These marketplaces have different listing fees, ranging from $15 to $49, so it’s best to research the pricing beforehand.

The website broker option to consider is FE International. They guarantee a high success rate and also help the selling process through customized service. They don’t have any listing fees yet take up to 14% commission from the sale.

8. Set Your Payment Methods

This process is about choosing the most straightforward and safest payment method or platform to help the selling process.

The most popular method is using Escrow.com. It provides a secure transfer for you and the buyer. However, due to the fee, Escrow is most suitable for websites with prices over $1000.

For websites with lower prices, consider using more straightforward payment methods, like a bank transfer.


This article has covered eight ways to maximize your profits from selling websites. Go through each one again and see how you can raise the value of your site further.

Also, use these tips to smoothen the selling process, whether it’s finding the right buyer, promoting the website, or selling for the highest price.

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