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Importance of Mobile App Maintenance for an App’s Success

Mobile app maintenance refers to improving the existing features and services, adding up new elements, and updating the app as per the user’s expectations.  

In the current market, there are plenty of competitors providing different apps for different purposes. In this case, you need to retain your potential customers. 

To be successful in this market, one needs to consider a few things:

  • Your customer needs to download the app,
  • They need to use your app,
  • Measure the success of your app,
  • Try to retain your customer,
  • Provide timely updates to your customers. 

Timely maintenance is mandatory to run your business flawlessly and make your app run successfully. In this post, we will be discussing the importance of mobile app maintenance for an app’s success.

Factors Addressing Why Mobile App Maintenance is Required For Your Business

1) Version Updates

Being a business owner, you cannot think of running your business with the app you have developed. Customers want to know more about your product and the services you are providing them. 

And to provide them with complete knowledge and the latest features and to sustain the customer, you must provide timely updates to them. You can contact your development company to provide app maintenance services. 

2) Fix Bugs

When your customers use the app, they may face multiple issues. To rectify these issues and make your app run error-free, ask your app maintenance company to provide timely updates to fix the bugs faced by your customers. 

Too many bugs in your app can exploit the user experience, and as a result, your app will be uninstalled from the user’s phone and blocked by Play Store for violating its policy. 

3) Enhance Security

In today’s world, where all things are brought up online, it is important for us to look out for whether the data we are feeding in the app is safe or not. It is important for us that customer data should be safe with us. 

To enhance security, it is important to discuss with the development team to provide security updates to Enhance the SecuritySecurity of the app. 

4) Downtimes Reduction

When we use any app, it is very common that sometimes there is a downtime error due to network coverage or any technical issue. 

Due to app downtime, many businesses face revenue loss which is one of the major concerns of business loss. Users face multiple downtimes when they use outdated apps. 

Thus timely updates help the app reduce downtimes and increase user engagement.

5) OS Upgradation

Timely up-gradation in the operating system helps users to provide an improved version and experience to the users. It has been found that users using downgrade versions of OS and apps face multiple technical issues, and sometimes, their slag is not optimized well. 

6) Avoid Unnecessary Block From PlayStore

There are certain times when the app gets blocked by the PlayStore. In this case, it is important to get your app updated and maintained from time to time so that it meets all the requirements of PlayStore and it gets unnecessary blocks. 

7) Better User Adoption

Your customers are tech-savvy and always want to use apps that use the latest technologies. Therefore, getting app maintenance can ensure happier users. Customers can check when their app was last updated through app update history. 

Different Types of App Maintenance

As we currently see, there are different types of app maintenance. It depends upon your app and situation and what type of maintenance is required for your app. 

1) Preventive App Maintenance

In preventive app maintenance, it carries out periodic reviews of an app to detect errors and reduce possible failures that occur quickly. This maintenance does not require much time, and the app’s problem can be solved in a quick span of time. 

2) Corrective Maintenance

This type of maintenance is mainly for rectifying errors in hardware and software and fixing them 

These types of errors detect behaviour different from what was expected, like a failure in processing, performance, security, and stability among other factors that can occur.

3) Predictive Maintenance

Through predictive maintenance, developers rectify the error and diagnose the software by performing correct operations. 

4) Adaptive Maintenance

There are certain times when there are certain bugs in hardware and software which need to be rectified for the proper working of the app. This type of concern is raised for updating the software system to keep informed about the change in hardware and software needs. 

5) Emergency Maintenance

There are certain circumstances when your app does not work up to the mark. In this case, your app requires mobile app maintenance services from the development company you have hired. 

What Is The Mobile App Maintenance Cost?

The mobile app maintenance cost depends on various elements like:

1) Hosting

The server where your app is hosted is a critical expense for your mobile app. The cost of the hosting can be planned according to the space and volume your app needs to store the data.

2) Fixing Bugs & Updates

The mobile app should undergo regular updates to stay ahead of the competition and prevent customer churn. 

3) Customer Support

Customer support is the essential element in giving timely support to your customers. Resolving customer queries not only gives your app a good user experience but also provides positive feedback in the Play Store. 

4) Third-Party

If you are giving additional features to your customers through an app with the help of a third party, it can add extra expense to your app development cost. 


It is bitter but true that your business cannot meet your expectations if you are not using an app or your users are using an older version of your app. Developing and maintaining a business app from time to time is a difficult task. 

If you own a business app and are looking out for mobile app maintenance, you can contact any app maintenance company and get your app updated.

Author Bio: 

Steven Martin is a senior app developer at AppsChopper which is a renowned mobile app development company providing various mobile app development services. He is holding an experience of 10+ years in the respective field.

This is Robert William, the content contributor on blogili.com. Working with different sites as a content writer.

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