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Information on Cleaning Cards: A Necessary Tool for the Cleaning Industry

Cleaning cards, also known as HMS cards for the cleaning industry, are an important part of Norwegian working life. This card acts as an identification certificate for workers in cleaning and ensures that they are registered in the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority’s register and have received the necessary training in health, environment and safety (HSE). The cleaning card is a legal requirement that helps to ensure orderly working conditions and protect the rights of workers in the cleaning industry.

What is a cleaning card?

The cleaning card is a personal ID card that must be worn visibly by everyone who works with cleaning. The card contains information about the employee, the employer and the company that issued the card. The cleaning card is part of the national HSE system and plays an important role in ensuring that all employees in the cleaning industry work under safe and responsible conditions.

Why is Cleaning Card Important?

  • Safety and HSE: The cleaning card ensures that employees have received the necessary training in HSE and that they are familiar with the safety procedures that apply to their work tasks. This helps to reduce the risk of injuries and health problems.
  • Traceability and Control: The cleaning card makes it possible to keep track of who works in a cleaning company at all times. This is important to be able to carry out checks and ensure that all employees have legal working conditions.
  • Statutory requirement: It is a legal requirement in Norway that everyone who works in cleaning must have a valid cleaning card. Missing a card can lead to sanctions for the employer, including fines and orders to stop work.
  • Reputation: Companies that ensure that all their employees have valid cleaning cards show that they take HSE seriously. This can strengthen the company’s reputation both among customers and employees.

How to Get a Cleaning Card?

The process of obtaining a cleaning card involves several steps:

  • Registration: The employer must first register himself and his employees in the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority’s cleaning register. This can be done via the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority’s website or through approved card issuers.
  • Ordering: After registration, the employer can order the cleaning cards by submitting the necessary information, including photos of the employees.
  • Reception: The cards are then produced and sent to the employer, who distributes them to their employees.
  • Use: Employees must carry the cards visibly while at work. The cards must be renewed regularly, and it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that they are always valid.

Follow-up and Controls

The Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority carries out regular checks to ensure that all employees in the cleaning industry have valid cleaning cards. It is important that companies keep track of their employees’ cards and ensure that they are renewed in time. Lack of valid cards can lead to fines and other sanctions, as well as the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority giving orders to rectify the deficiencies.


Cleaning cards are an essential tool to ensure safe and fair working conditions in the cleaning industry in Norway. It helps to protect the health and safety of employees, while also ensuring that companies operate in accordance with the legislation. By following the necessary procedures to obtain and maintain valid cleaning cards, both employers and employees can contribute to a safer and more professional workplace.

Read information about cleaning cards.

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