How to make 100% iPad View in PUBG Mobile (2021 updated)

Instructions on how to make iPad View in PUBG Mobile (2021 updated). To do this, you need to follow a few simple steps. After that, you can play with an iPad-like view even on a regular smartphone. And this will significantly expand the field of view.

This method has been tested by many players. And they all confirmed his safety. However, this does not give you a 100% guarantee. The PUBG Mobile developers oppose players changing game settings outside of the game menu. Therefore, use iPad View at your own risk.

iPad View for PUBG Mobile

In order to make iPad View, players need to upload a folder with settings files. Then it must be placed in the folder with the game files. But let’s take a closer look.

Download apk file here

  • Go to this link and download the file «IPAD VIEW CONFIG»
  • Now you need to unzip the “Content” folder from the downloaded archive into one of the game folders
  • Go to your device’s internal storage
  • Open the Android folder, then open Data
  • Find the “com.tencent.ig” folder
  • Open EU4Game, then ShadowTrackerExtra, and then ShadowTrackerExtra again
  • You must place the Content folder in the second ShadowTrackerExtra folder
  • Now you can start the game and check the updated settings


IPad View for PUBG Mobile Emulator

The Ipad view for PUBG Emulator is very simple and easy. Do you want to iPad view for the PUBG Mobile emulator? Just follow the following instructions that are mentioned below:

  • Go into Emulator settings
  • Click on settings
  • Go into Engine
  • And change resolution on 1440 * 1080

Emulator ipad view

In this way, you can change the emulator view of the iPad view. Without any external app or software.

Keep in mind after doing these settings you will need to change display resolution as well.

Have a great time on PUBG Mobile!


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