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Is Vingo, the Wildest Ever Online Running App Made?

The short answer is, yes, and we have a lot of reasons to prove it too. If you are new to this, Vingo is an Online running app, that takes you into a virtual world where you can train, pass time, or even lounge about to your heart’s content. It is suitable for anyone who loves running indoors with their treadmill, away from all the disturbances outside. This is perhaps the best app that has ever been made for your exercises.

Vingo is a Versatile App for Exercises

The app contains a lot of features that will blow your mind. A hyper-realistic 3D virtual space, stunning sceneries designed from famous spots around the world, voice chat for you to speak with fellow runners, an avatar feature with which you can create your own digital version, and a lot more. All these features are packed into the app to make the user, that is you, have a great time while you exercise.

Connect Your Treadmill Using Bluetooth

All you need is a smart phone to install the app in it. You can get the app from the App Store and create your own account in it. You can then connect the app with your treadmill via Bluetooth. This is to make sure the app works in tandem with your treadmill. Vingo will take readings from the mill and use it to project the sceneries on your screen. Once connected your Indoor running adventures will be up to a grand start. You can also use ANT+ sensors to connect the app with the treadmill or your exercise bike.

Start Running Inside the Virtual World

You can select your favourite maps in the app and get running into them. It could be the volcanic trails of Iceland, or the calm beaches in Hawaii, or even the icy peaks of the Himalayas. You can get to those spots with a click of a button. You will notice the scenery changing as you run through those locations. It will be a pretty nice change from staring at a wall while on a treadmill.

Meet New People While Running

As you go for Online running in those locations, you will notice a lot of avatars running beside you. These are people who share the virtual world with you, no matter where they might be in the real world. You can get acquainted with them using the voice chat feature.

Escape Reality But Be Realistic

Now that you are having fun, it is important to remember that this is a virtual experience and you can make it more productive too. You can use it to your advantage by setting fitness targets for you to achieve. You can escape reality, but you need to be realistic about your fitness goals.

Enjoy With Your Friends & Family

You can also invite your friends and family to join you in Vingo. They can go running like you, or even use a training bike and ride indoor cycling. Either way, you can all have fun in the virtual world.

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