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Marketing your new product launch in 2022

A lot of thought process, innovation, effort, and time goes into the formation of a new product. A product should definitely be high in quality and valuable for it to be a hit but that is not the only prerequisite. The product’s marketing and promotion play a big role in how well it will perform in the market. These aren’t separate things. The idea, the product, and its marketing all go hand in hand. They complement each other. We will shortlist the most highly effective marketing methods to promote your new product launch.

Create excitement and build hype

The first step should be to intrigue people and get them talking about your upcoming product. You can employ a few different strategies to do that. 

Conduct a giveaway

Have a giveaway of your new product because lets be honest, who doesn’t like free stuff? We all do. It’s human nature so make use of that and have people participate in a contest of your choice. It could be a specific hashtag challenge, people could be required to make a video as part of a challenge and through this, you can choose the winner of the giveaway. People would be more than happy to participate and their participation would also promote your product and would create hype.

Use guerilla marketing 

It is low cost and encourages a high level of creativity. It intrigues the interest of the people and gives your product a unique distinction. Most importantly, it doesn’t rely on outdated or old-fashioned ways of marketing. You can incorporate the latest trends and think out of the box!

Give your product a premium feel

The visual impact of the product can leave a lasting impact in a person’s mind if done right. Make sure you don’t compromise on the product photoshoot and its image design. You can find a great variety of high-quality product display graphics as well which would make half the work easier. 

Take care of all customer queries 

Be an expert regarding your product and use your knowledge to increase the audience’s know-how of the product and let them know what makes your product special and worth buying for them. Add a final thoughtful touch by having the most likely FAQs prepared and answered on your website which would let them know about your product even more. 

Never underestimate email marketing

Emails have been ever-present for a long time and there is no sign that email users will diminish in the foreseeable future. On the contrary, the number of email users has been increasing year by year so there’s no doubt that email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of marketing and promotion. Start by building a database through the info you have of customers and make use of all the information you have on them. Their likes and searches on your website, their past purchases, etc. Next, make use of all this information and divide customers into groups based on these parameters. Then send each group hand-tailored, personalized emails. 

Almost everyone uses emails for marketing, but you can stand out by sending personalized emails which will let the reader know they are valued and cared for. If this feels too time-consuming, you can always use marketing automation software. The personalized emails would also let you convince each reader individually on how the new product is useful and beneficial for them.

You can use emails for various purposes. But, the priority here should be to let them know about the product launch. Promotional offers, announcements, and whatnot can take the back seat for now. Focus on the new product and its benefits and make that the center of attention in your emails so all attention goes towards that.

Social media is king

To start off, who doesn’t use social media these days? I’m pretty sure we all do so naturally, it makes sense for you to have a notable presence across social media websites. Don’t take half measures, go all out and be present on all major social media sites. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, or TikTok, make use of all of them and put out content on each so that you are available and accessible to all kinds of audiences. 

But, as it is with everything, do not just go all out on quantity, make sure the quality is there too. Keep in mind to ensure the content you put out on each social site is relevant to that particular site and don’t make the mistake of using the same bland posts on every social media account of yours. Invest in a social media manager if you have to who can manage all your social accounts but don’t compromise. Facebook marketplace and Insta shop are also neat features through which you can sell your new product.

At the time your product launch nears, revolve all the posts across all sites around your new product launch and use your social handles to build hype and attention around your new product. Make the pinned post the one about the product launch. The purpose is to raise general awareness as much as it is about the hype!

Let them know exactly what the product is about, and how it benefits them. Post as much as you can about the product, and post its images. Interact with customers and talk to them about their concerns and questions. You can even use Reddit and answer the concerns of people.

Worried about creating so much content for so many different sites? Worry no more and have a look at these small business marketing tools to help you create and design content for your social handles.

Promote through your e-commerce website

Use your website to promote your product launch as well. Make the website popups about the new product and use the home page to promote it as well. This will help massively in raising awareness as well. You can even post a countdown to the launch on your homepage. Focus on SEO and organic visibility so that your website ranks high on search engines. One thing to ensure is that your website works well before your product launch happens.

Run tests and debug the website to improve and optimize the website, user experience, UI, and speed so that everything runs smoothly when the launch happens.

Entice everyone who visits your website through introductory initial discounts at the time of the product launch and you can offer a loyalty program where purchases are rewarded with credits. This is an effective way to retain customers and to keep them coming back.

Influencers do matter

As social media has boomed, so has the increase of influencers. Meet and collaborate with an influencer who is relevant to your product launch and send them the new product in advance for them to use and promote. Influencers have a very dedicated and loyal fanbase so their importance should not be underestimated. A positive review from an influencer could set things off in the right direction for your new product and that would be the perfect start for you.

Final Words

The inception and making of a new product sees a lot of effort and hard work involved and you deserve to be rewarded. Here is hoping that these marketing tips can help you have a successful journey with your new product!

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