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Overview to the syllabus of class 11 maths

After class 10th when students enter into the 11th grade their syllabus changes drastically, the difficulty level of concepts suddenly changes, and for most students, it gets a little difficult to cope up with the change in the syllabus. Therefore, the way in which the student approaches the syllabus plays a very important role in the way they perform in the exams. The class 11th syllabus is very important when it comes to entrance exams such as jee mains and the students must be well versed with all the concepts and the types of questions in class 11th mathematics. When it comes to the types of questions, the NCERT is considered to cover every type of question through the solved examples and the exercises. At the end of every concept, there is an exercise based upon the concept and the exercise contains all the types of questions. The NCERT exercises are enough to cover up the basics but if you have to delve deeper into the concepts and you want to get perfect at each type of question you must consider using reference books and solve all the questions that give you a better understanding of the chapters. The extra questions in reference books help you be more comfortable with the subject and polish up your conceptual knowledge. You can find Download RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 11 here.

Different chapters of class 11 mathematics require a different way of approach. Overall information about the chapters and important concepts are discussed in detail below:

Chapter 1 Sets

This is an understanding-based chapter that discusses the collection of well-defined entities called sets. You need to read and follow the text of the chapter to know the process of solving questions. It includes operations on sets and concepts related to subsets. Ncert questions are enough to know this chapter in and out.

Chapter 2 Relation and functions

This chapter is basically an extension of the concepts of the previous chapter. It tries to link up two different quantities so as to establish relations between them and it also deals with the concept of functions that form the basis of mathematics. Ncert along with some reference books will be of great help while dealing with this chapter.

Chapter 3 Trigonometric function

This is the chapter students are familiar with since class 10th and this is just an addition to that, this chapter contains a detailed discussion about trigonometric function and will also talk about many relations between them. It will also introduce concepts of signs and operating upon trigonometric functions. You must do as many extra questions after NCERT to get a better understanding of the chapter.

Chapter 4 Mathematical induction

This is a concept-based chapter and is usually covered only through NCERT. There is no need to follow reference books to be perfect at this chapter; reading and completing NCERTs are going to be just enough.

Chapter 5 Complex number & quadratic equation

This chapter deals with something new called the imaginary number concept which is the root of a negative number. Ncert has very good conceptual exercises in this chapter but you can use other books to practice a little more.

Chapter 6 Linear inequations

We all know about algebraic equations but here in this chapter, they are discussing inequation where ‘=’ is replaced by ‘<or>’ and the rules also change. The equations have one solution but in the cases of inequality, there is a range that is obtained. Following the NCERT with proper focus will be enough for this chapter. You may use extra questions for practice.

Chapter 7 Permutation and combination

It is a chapter that needs both good arithmetic and a good conceptual approach. It deals with rearrangement and combinations of objects. After solving the NCERT you must do all other types of questions as well.

Chapter 8 Binomial theorem

It deals with solving equations of higher powers through some established rules which would be otherwise quite complex to solve. This chapter can be perfected if you solve the NCERT completely.

Chapter 9 Sequence and series

This chapter discusses the concepts of the progression of numbers in a specific pattern. It has concepts like arithmetic and geometric progression. After you solve the standard NCERT, you must look at every possible aspect through extra questions.

Chapter 10 Straight line

This chapter gives information about lines that exist on the coordinate planes. It talks about the angles, equations, and points that make up that line. Completing the NCERT is usually sufficient to gain a basic understanding of the topics of this chapter.

Chapter 11 Conic section

This chapter talks about different shapes like the parabola, circle, hyperbola, etc. that exist on the coordinate planes as a combination of points. If you have solved the NCERT, it means you have covered most parts of this chapter.

Chapter 12 Introduction to three-dimension geometry

This chapter introduces the concept of a coordinate plane consisting of three coordinates. This chapter tells about 3D shapes as a combination of a three-point system. For this chapter as well you must focus on NCERT.

Chapter 13 Limit and derivative

This chapter is the base of calculus and must be dealt with carefully and students must practice this chapter from both NCERT and other books.  

Chapter 14 Mathematical reasoning

This chapter explains the analysis of mathematical statements and this chapter usually does not require anything other than the NCERT to gain a full understanding.

Chapter 15 Statistics

As we all know this chapter deals with the collection and representation of data in an organized manner in the form of diagrams and graphs. Ncert is more than enough to have a perfect hand in this chapter.

Chapter 16 Probability

This chapter is nothing but a mathematical analysis of the possibilities and chances of certain events such as pulling cards out of decks, tossing coins, or simply rolling dice. This chapter talks about the possibility of that event happening.

So, this was the summary of the syllabus of class 11th mathematics which plays an extremely important role in JEE mains.

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