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PDF Long-Term Archiving: Saving PDFs into a PDF/A File Format Using GogoPDF’s Tool

With technology evolving rapidly and obsolescence threatening all devices, it’s critical to keep documents safe for the long term, which is the primary purpose of the PDF/A format. Aside from replacing paper documents with electronic files, the PDF/A format ensures that a file can be duplicated exactly as it is, regardless of the program used, when it is later accessible.

Moreover, if you save a file in a popular format today, chances are it will be obsolete in 10 years, making it challenging to view and read the registered content and details. With that, learn more about the advantages of using PDF/A file format, including how it can precisely retain features such as fonts, color profiles, and images, among others.

The Benefits of Using PDF/A for Long-Term Digital Document Archiving

So, what exactly is PDF/A? PDF/A is a PDF format variant that guarantees that a document can be recreated in much the same way regardless of the software utilized. Essentially, all of the information needed to display the file and its elements, in the same way, is integrated into the file, ensuring that your documents are secure and accessible in the long run.

Further, when you convert a PDF to PDFA, the generated file keeps the original document’s feel and style. In the preservation file, each page of the original file appears as a single page. The same fonts are utilized in both documents. You may also search the text of the PDF/A precisely like you could in the original. If the content is in color, the color remains intact.

How to Turn a PDF to a PDF/A in GogoPDF

You won’t have to spend much time converting PDF to PDF/A with GogoPDF because it only takes a few minutes to finish the process. Because it uses the most cutting-edge conversion system available, the speed with which the site converts files is much easier. If you demand to turn a PDF file to PDF/A, simply follow the instructions below for a simple conversion:

  • On the main GogoPDF website, choose “Convert PDF to PDF/A” from the list of services. To convert a PDF file to PDF/A, click the “Select files” option and pick out the PDF file you want to convert.
  • When you finish uploading, the site will process the document for conversion right away. Because the website developer prioritizes your time, they make everything, including the conversion process, simple and effective.
  • Once you select the degree of conformity, GogoPDF will generate the PDF/A immediately. Their system will operate in the manner that you desire for your PD/FA. The entire PDF to PDF/A conversion process will be completed in a short amount of time with no conversion issues.
  • After editing the file, it will be ready to save or download. GogoPDF simplifies the process of saving a file to your device. With a single click, you can quickly transfer the converted PDF/A. If you tap the download button, it will notify you when the download is finally completed.

Types of PDF/A Formats

The user has three options for saving PDF to PDF/A when using the GogoPDF converter application. Remember that each choice has varying degrees of conformity, which helps to preserve multiple materials in your digital file and supports layers and effects, among other things.

  • PDF/A-1b: This file format assures that a PDF is readable and viewable on a computer monitor, but it does not confirm that the file will be legible.
  • PDF/A-2b: Level B conformity (PDF/A-2b) specifies modest compliance to guarantee that the displayed visual appearance of a conforming file can be kept over time.
  • PDF/A-2u: The letter “u” indicates Unicode, which allows companies to verify that the document text is subject to appropriately searching and copying. 


The online tool from GogoPDF converts and produces PDF files in the ISO-standard PDF/A format. Unnecessary and unsuitable elements are deleted in preparation for long-term archiving. If ISO-standardized, you can create a PDF file that looks the same regardless of the software you use. Even if you keep it for a long time, it will still look the same.


Once you understand how the PDF/A format works, you will want to convert all PDF files to PDF/A. Along with that, you can also securely keep it on your desktop even after so many years. So now is the time to use GogoPDF to help you quickly convert your files.

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