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Personal Information in a Small Code

A machine-readable barcode that contains information about the product is called a quick response code. QR code is used in every industry to specify the information about the products. Human hands cannot generate it; hence a QR code generator is used in every field of business.

The main purpose of a QR code is to retain information about things in a picture barcode. It is utilized in every industry to perform different tasks. The code is now also used to identify people’s bank accounts. A single swipe can reduce the amount of money for grocery and transportation purposes.

Scan a QR code

The codes are used along with the product or on the wrapping of the product. To scan the product codes, different machines are available on the market. There are generally two types of scanners. These scanners work in different methods and on different codes. The most commonly used scanners are the laser scanner and image scanner.

A laser scanner only scans barcodes. Barcodes have information stored in them in vertical lines and numbers. As an old technology, it cannot scan a QR code. An image scanner, on the other hand, does not have any problem in scanning both the barcode and QR code. It studies the image of the code and brings out detailed information about the product.

Code Type for Marketing Goal

The method of targeting an audience has advanced since using QR codes for marketing purposes. It directs the audience to specific URLs it has information saved in it. The current codes can connect audiences from offline sources to online sources but also online to online sources.

Codes for App Store

Searching for an app only to find it inaccessible on the app store can be irritating. When developers release a new app, they attach a code that represents the app’s main page. The code will be displayed on any advertisement to help people gain simple access to the page from where they can download it.

Users do not have to continuously search the stores to find an app through the code. Many counterfeit apps are released after a few days if the original app becomes famous. By scanning the code, anyone can directly download the original app without any trouble.

Video Codes

For businesses and famous brands, the use of QR codes allows the customers to gain detailed information about the product and its work. Along with the products, companies can attach codes to show the working of the product in the form of videos. By scanning the codes customers will have access to a list of videos that will guide them about the product’s detail.

Companies provide documentary-type videos about the source of the product, how it is made, and who works on it. Videos can be informative and increase the chance of gaining traffic to your website.

Codes for Feedback

Target consumers on devices they spend most of their time on. Now almost all over the world, the use of smartphones has spread. You can ask for feedback about your product to know about the need of the customers. For marketing purposes, customer feedback plays an important role. It can help you understand if there are any defects in your product.

QR codes will make it easy for customers to access the feedback page through their mobile phones. With their feedback, you can fix any problem with the product or the company’s services.

Social Media Codes

Social media is the source of information spread in the current era. People worldwide use social media apps to remain in touch with information about their favorite subjects. The apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and many others are a source of marketing for business-related companies.

They can attach links to the code to give simple accessibility to people who want to remain in touch with the latest news on their product. Companies that sell products will share important information about any product before its sale. Special events are advertised on social media to inform the public about what to expect in the coming days.

Broaden the Horizon

Sharing information about food restaurants on the codes can help people online search for good areas for eating. You can add location and business website data from where people can order online delivery if they cannot have a transport vehicle. QR codes will direct the consumers towards information about the areas where a person can enjoy their meal.


To generate a higher volume of leads, engaging with the audience is necessary. You can add information about your company’s site using a QR code generator. Potential customers can gain access to multiple sites of your website through proper QR codes.

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Uneeb Khan
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