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Places to live on rent in Chennai

If you’re planning to move to Chennai, you will need a complete guide about the best places. These places will help you find the best apartments and localities so that you can take a flat for rent. Taking a flat on rent is very important because it involves a lot of factors to be taken into consideration.

Many things have to be adjusted, and accordingly, you need to account for so many things. So technically, the list of the best places where you can live in Chennai has been given in the following way. These places are safe and affordable for you to look for flats for rent in Chennaiif you are coming here for the first time.


This is located near the southwestern part of the city. It has a proximity to the metro station and Bus stands. There are many amazing Apartments available for rent. You can find flats of different sizes. 1 BHK flats and 2 BHK flats are easily available here. The cost of the rent is also very reasonable.

You can also find a wonderful Garden along with a swimming pool here. In addition, there is a gym and a multi-utility Park available here. A Supermarket is also available here to buy your daily necessities. Many good families have been living here for so many years. You can safely accommodate yourself without facing any difficulty in this particular place with the help of stanzaliving

Periyar Nagar

This is another important location Which is available in the town of Chennai. It is a very crowded place with a chain of apartments. There are so many good flats to stay in that it will attract most people towards itself. It is decorated with many supermarkets and multi-utility stores which add necessity to your life.

It is important to mention that Real Estate laws regulate the brokers of society, which is why they cannot charge the event above the introductory price. Puda approves it. It is a wonderful society to live in, and at the same time, there is a beautiful Community Hall also available. Every transportation model is connected with this particular locality for the ease of the people.


This is another excellent locality that can offer flats at a reasonable and affordable price. Most of these flats are available for rent and definitely in a very good position. You can find a good flat with all the basic facilities which are even properly furnished. You can choose a flat depending upon your requirement.

You can also customise the flat depending on your requirements. The locality is pretty safe for ladies, and even pets are allowed inside this locality. There is a community hall and a community garden to entertain yourself with your neighbors. It is a perfect location for you to start your journey in the town of Chennai.


If you want to stay in a peaceful locality away from the city’s pollution, then this is the perfect Township community that is recently developed. Most of the flats of this community are available for rent. It is a multifunctional community with all the latest necessities. It has a huge parking facility in addition to a huge swimming pool facility.

There are dancing centres and gyming centres as well for your fitness. In addition, there is a Supermarket from where you can get everything for your house under one roof. There are flats of different sizes available here. Depending on your requirements and choices, you can either rent out a well-furnished flat or even customise that flat.


This locality is perfect for students and all the single people who have migrated to the town of Chennai for education or job. It is important to mention that this is the best kind of locality because it offers a very reasonable amount of flats at a very reasonable rent to all these people.

In addition, you can also find a very strong security system for independent women who live in the colony. Well-furnished flats are available in this locality, and other types of basic facilities such as connectivity with metro stations and Bus stands are also there. You will also find all the basic E-Commerce companies delivering the parcels to this place.


So what are you waiting for to go and decide these options today because these are perfect solutions to your competition? It is important to mention that this is the perfect solution to almost every kind of facility and at the same point in time this will bring a lot of comfort and facilities you have wanted for so long.

All these localities are very perfectly developed and safe and even have all the basic facilities for your comfort. This is the best facility that you can want, and at the same point in time, this is perfect for you.

This is Robert William, the content contributor on blogili.com. Working with different sites as a content writer.

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