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How To Prepare the Exam Language Section For IBPS SO Exam?

How To Prepare the Exam Language Section For IBPS SO Exam? You probably have been curious to know about IBPS SO pay scale? The salary varies as per the posts. Here, it needs to mention that salary is revised after a stipulated time. Employees can also expect almost 40% of increment indeed in the context of basic pay. Talking about the job post of Officer Scale 1, the monthly payment will be INR 36K and 4 hundred rupees.

If you are going to be an office Scale-II then you will be getting almost INR 48 thousand and 8 hundred rupees. Moreover, Officer Scale –III will bê getting a monthly salary of INR 64 K and 6 hundred.  Here, it needs to mention that the monthly salary of IBPS SO also includes other required dearness allowance and HRA regarding all sorts of grades. 

To get that dream pay scale job, you need to do your IBPS SO exam preparation in an ideal manner. English is one of the toughest subjects for candidates. Most of them do not get it cleared because of different reasons. However, if you make an ideal strategy then you can get a good command over it. When it comes to section-wise preparation of IBPS SO, there are many things to keep in mind. English Language section is one of them, you need to prepare quite carefully.

Tips To Prepare  For English Language Section

What you need to keep in mind while doing preparation for the English language Section? Here, we are going to mention in a detailed manner – 

  • Pay Attention To Memorizing All Grammar Rules

You need to memorize and practice all sorts of rules and formulae of grammar sections. There are many ways to do it. You can get admission in university or you may start studying with books to understand it in a better way. The next thing you can do is going with the best YouTube channels. You may choose the right one going with your taste. 

Make sure that you have chosen the right platform. Do take time and do not go ahead to like any random platform. You need to use them during your daily life so that it is memorized. The best thing is that you would not forget them easily. You may go with other creative ways to understand it in a better way. It will be better if you keep practicing different quizzes and competitions to get good at it. 

  • Enhance Your Reading Speed

Do not forget to pay attention to your reading speed at all. You should make sure that you are going to get it done. Most candidates do not understand its importance, which is not good at all. You also need to work on your reading speed to get good at it. 

The best thing is that it comes from practice only. You need to start reading newspapers on a daily basis. When your reading speed is good, you would easily be able to tackle the reading comprehension-based examination section. Practice is the only way to get good at it.

  • Vocabulary Is Indeed An Important Factor

How many of you are good at vocabulary? There would be quite fewer candidates who are good at vocabulary. It is time to make sure that you are going to pay attention to it. Vocabulary is regarded as an essential part of any exam related to exams. 

You need to go with flashcards to get good at vocabulary. You may also check online YouTube or Instagram channels to understand to make sure that what goes with your taste. 

  •  Developing Understanding Of Context

You need to learn the context easily and in an ideal manner.  Now, you might be thinking about how it could be done. It can happen only when you start practicing. The more you practice, the more you get better at this. 

It would be helping you in the context of solving questions regarding verbal ability. Therefore, you need to spend enough time doing practice. 

  •  Reading And Learning

Here, it needs to be mentioned that reading and learning are regarded as the key. You must go with different books and make an excellent note down new phrases and words. The best thing is that it also makes you quite confident in your personal life as well. You should start revising them regularly. 


So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go ahead and practice these tips to get good at it in an ideal manner. Practicing these tips can truly help you to get good at it. 

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