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Remote computer access with LogMeIn

When talking about remote access, you have various options, including software and services. Take LogMeIn as an example; LogMeIn is software that allows you to take control of another computer anywhere. Using LogMeIn, you can easily access all the critical files on your work computer at home or on vacation. IT professionals also utilize it to remotely help fix problems with users’ computers. Now, let’s discuss remote computer access with LogMeIn in more detail.

Remote computer access with LogMeIn

As mentioned before, LogMeIn can enable you to have remote computer access. In what follows, we will go through the details of this.

Does LogMeIn use RDP?

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a well-known network protocol that enables remote access from one computer/device to another over a network connection. Microsoft developed this protocol, and most versions of Windows support it. Even though RDP is being used in various software, LogMeIn is not one of them. To be more specific, LogMeIn utilizes UDP protocol with SSL.

Remote desktop vs remote access

When it comes down to comparing remote Desktop vs remote access, you should consider some aspects. Remote Desktop Connection permits you to control a remote computer completely, including exclusive access to the Desktop, documents, and programs, among other parts of the system. However, Remote access allows you to have partial control of your computer (shared Desktop, mouse, land keyboard) to get assistance from a remote computer.

Now you know the difference between Remote Desktop vs. Remote Access. Moreover, you can also go for Cloudzy.com  [1] [WU2] solutions to deliver the RDP VPS server, helping you with your remote desktop needs.

LogMeIn employee monitoring

Since the pandemic has happened, a remote workforce is being supported more than ever. It can be challenging to support remote workers while balancing employee productivity and company security for an IT professional, which is where LogMeIn Central comes to your rescue! So, You can use LogMeIn for reliable remote employee monitoring and management. Regardless of where you or your employees are working, it will enable interacting with the computer as if you were sitting right in front of it and using it yourself, helping you to protect and simplify your business.

Who should use LogMeIn?

At this point of this LogMeIn vs Remote Desktop comparison article, you may wonder, Who should use LogMeIn? LogMeIn is an ideal solution for those who regularly require easy access to remote systems/computers. LogMeIn’s products are divided into three main categories: IT access and security, engagement and support, and communications and collaboration.

Since LogMeIn allows you real-time remote access, it is the proper software for you if you want to view and use your remote computer with no slowdown or delay. Aside from granting many team members access to a specific work computer, it provides multiple advantages, including mobile remote control from LogMeIn apps on iOS and Android, remote printing, multi-monitor display, and file sharing and storage. So if you need to send documents from a remote computer to the printer next to you or you want to get 1TB of file storage to share them quickly and securely, then LogMeIn is the answer.

What’s more about LogMeIn products?

Another question that may come to mind is, what more does LogMeIn offer? In this section, we will go through them to help you get more familiar with LogMeIn products.

LogMeIn Hamachi vpn

LogMeIn Hamachi is a known virtual private network (VPN) application that enables direct links between computers behind NAT firewalls. This direct connection is made without requiring reconfiguration (when you can access the user’s PC directly without relays from the Internet/WAN side). In other words, LogMeIn Hamachi VPN makes a connection over the Internet that emulates the connection that would exist if you had connected the computers over a local area network.


LogMeIn123 remote support, aka LMI 123, is an effective and secure method to obtain Technical Support directly on your computer, anywhere with a good Internet connection. LogMeIn123 allows the IT Support Technicians to access your computer remotely, immediately accessing your desktop so that they can fix your problem.

LogMeIn rescue

LogMeIn Rescue provides unparalleled remote access and allows enterprises to better manage mobile remote support and remote access, helping users across PC, Mac, iOS, Android support, and more. It includes remote computer access, mobile app support, and the exciting Rescue Lens interactive video support feature. LogMeIn Rescue is genuinely good in the remote support industry.

LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn Pro will enable installing remote access on one or two computers. However, you should note that many users can access them, which is limitless. It’s an appropriate option for a small business. Moreover, LogMeIn Pro lets remote audio be played through its client, which means you can stream sound while being remotely connected. LogMeIn Pro also enables remote printing from a client to a server.

LogMeIn Central

LogMeIn Central is one of the most reliable remote monitoring tools you can use as a management tool. This LogMeIn product Provides multiple benefits like secure and fast HD remote access, useful reports, robust IT automation, and critical patch management, among other advantages, all available to you with a simple platform.

Final words on Remote Desktop and Remote Access

There are various forms to remotely access a computer, whether you want to utilize RDP or software. This brief article has gone through the LogMeIn vs Remote Desktop (RDP) comparison, explaining how remote access differs from remote desktop. We also discussed multiple concepts related to LogMeIn, including its advantages, who should start using LogMeIn as a solution, among other questions.

This is Robert William, the content contributor on blogili.com. Working with different sites as a content writer.

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