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Splendid Ways to Decorate Artificial Turf at Your Home

Artificial turf or synthetic grass is a great way to introduce greenery at home without having to handle the messiness that comes with natural grass.

You might have seen the turf in many areas like stadiums where it’s used in the place of natural grass. The popularity of the turf increased in recent times due to its durability and non-messy nature. Made of synthetic material, many people are buying synthetic grass where they can’t grow the real grass. If your area’s climate is not suitable for the growth of natural grass, then you can easily imitate it by using artificial turf.

Most people think that artificial turf can only be decorated on balconies or backyards, but if you think creatively, you can find so many ways to decorate the artificial turf. So, here we curated some ideas to boost your thoughts about decorating the turf according to your home type and design.

  • A layer on the deck or decorated as a deck

Synthetic grass looks splendid when you layer your deck with it. Generally, as decks are in wood or dark colour, the grass gives a nice contrast and adds to the deck’s visual appeal. So, you can buy the turf and cut it to the dimensions and shape of your deck so that it looks aligned and symmetric to the deck. Also, turf acts as protection from the furniture and won’t cause scratches or dents on the deck.

And if you don’t have a deck but would like to have one, then the synthetic grass comes to your rescue. In your backyard or near the kitchen door, you can place the turf and arrange some seating furniture on top of it. It immediately transforms the place and you can have the ready-made deck so that you can enjoy nature while sitting there. It’s one of the best ways to use artificial turf where it’s both pleasant and practical.

  • On the foyer walls

The passage connected to your main house and the entrance door is called the foyer. And if you don’t want to be bland, then decorating with the turf is a unique idea. Create geometric patterns on the foyer walls, and place the turf in some of the geometric blocks. You can decorate with items like pictures on the other blocks. The decorated foyer wall serves as an instant refreshing thing whenever you or your guests enter your house.  And as the turf is synthetic, there’s no problem of mess and other issues you might face with the natural grass.

  • As a kid’s play area

We go to many lengths in creating a play area for the kids at home. If you’re one of those people and looking to add a unique and fun play area to your kid, then make use of artificial turf. You can easily do this on one of your balconies where you can change the place by laying the turf and decorating it with your kid’s favourite toys and games. If you have two children and want to create a place where they can enjoy each other’s company, it’s the best idea to use the turf. It not only adds beauty but also keeps your kids occupied at their favourite spot. Moreover, it can also be one of the essential things for a kids’ friendly home as it prevents injuries and scratches that occur while playing on the bare floor.

  • As a grass curtain

When you live in multi-storey apartments, it’s hard to avoid nosy neighbours and creepy stares. The best solution to have privacy from unwanted gazes is the synthetic grass curtain. You can hand it as a curtain on your balcony and have the privacy you want without having to close off your balcony. For added beauty, you can decorate the synthetic grass curtain with natural wall hanging plants and other wall decorative pieces.

  • On the staircase walls

The path to the staircase need not be boring. You can give a unique twist by adding greenery without the mess of the natural grass. You can either have frames of artificial turf or cover the entire staircase wall with it. The turf looks even better when you have contrasting wallpaper or paint behind it. To make things interesting, tell your kids to hang their artwork on the turf. You can have a personalised staircase that reminds you of your sweet family.

  • A hint of green in the bedroom

Why leave turf from the bedroom when you can make the look romantic by adding the greenery twist. You can enjoy your nights in the feel of nature by converting one wall of the bedroom with the artificial turf. If you feel it’s too overwhelming, then you can make it subtle by adding a string of lights or other light patterns on top of the turf.

Final words

The benefits of artificial turf are many. Here, we discussed how it can benefit your home by decorating the turf in unique ways. The availability of the turf is also easy as you can find it easily in the shops online or offline. When decorating, see that you’re not overwhelming the look by attaching too much. It should be subtle, complement your home, and elevate the beauty of the room.

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