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Did You Know That An AA Meeting Locator Is The Best Solution To Find Local AA Meetings?

Knowing and accepting that one is an alcoholic is considered the first step to fighting this monster. Most people call alcoholism a family disease. You may think this is because alcohol dependence can be seen running in the family, but that’s not the reason it is called so. It is a family disease because it affects not just the abuser – it affects his or her entire family.  

The effects

The reasons behind this aspect are several. The drinker, over time, drains the family budget by spending it on liquor. Alcohol is not cheap. In fact, it is quite an expensive habit. Then there could be loss of job due to alcohol-induced mental impairment. Also, in case you are caught by the police for driving under the influence, you could face stiff penalties or fines – all of which come out of the family budget.

Then there are other issues too, like fights within the family members, abuse meted out to spouse or partner and children, incapability of meeting one’s familial responsibilities as one is just not in the mental and physical condition to do so, and many others.

Stop, just stop!

Would you really want to put yourself and your beloved family through the wringer like this? The very first step you can take towards repairing every single strain caused by you to your loved ones is accepting that you would like to change. That very step can land you firmly on the first rung to recovery.

You can join AA – Alcoholics Anonymous. This society is formed by people just like you. There is absolutely no pressure to join. It is by your own choice. You can attend a local AA  Meeting and see if you like it. In case you feel this is not for you, you are free to leave any time. 

Statistics say that most AA members leave empowered and recovered from their addiction. While there is a ‘Twelve Steps’ program that helps members to examine their own selves and understand how they can change for the better, it is not imperative that you follow this program.

Also, joining AA is completely free of any charges. You can use an AA Meeting Locator or an AA Meeting Directory in case you are interested to check for an ‘AA Meeting near me’. That will help you to get to the one nearest you. In case you like what you see and hear there, you can always join and get set to reclaim your life. Most members proudly show off their sober days by keeping a track of them using a Sobriety Calculator, which tells you to the second just how much time has passed since you last lifted that glass to your lips.

You can be your best when you are in control of your life – let alcohol not be the boss of you!

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