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Why Testimonial Videos Are The Best Advertising Tactic

A satisfied client proves to be a better ambassador for your own business than your own marketing materials. Even though you know your brand’s best values, that matters very little to clients. They want evidence that what you’re saying is the real deal. Hence, you need video testimonials to prove your business’s credibility. Thankfully, you can use a free video maker to create them. You can learn more by reading this article.

Remember, more customers trust what other people say about your business more than what you say about yourself. As a result, prospects willingly spend more on businesses that provide video testimonials. After all, nothing beats seeing a live person than reading printed reviews. Take a look at why these video testimonials matter for your brand’s marketing strategy.

Foster Credibility and Trust

In a world chock full of fake news and influencer claims, mistrust proves endemic. You’ve got wary customers who don’t believe sensationalized advertisements. Hence, you must rely on a free video maker to create compelling real-life client testimonials. These are akin to word-of-mouth referrals, especially when done right. You can use your tool to:

  • Add words
  • Tweak background
  • Inject transitions
  • Play background music
  • Include company logo and info

After all, clients will only work with brands that possess tons of video reviews as opposed to those with none. Remember, in business; everything is all about your reputation because clients will never patronize a brand they don’t trust. You show your authority and credibility with beautiful testimonials that come from genuine clients.

Provide Much-Needed Social Proof

You will most likely eat in a cafe that your friends love. Similarly, you enjoy buying products that your favorite celebrity endorses. Joining the bandwagon is a normal occurrence because people naturally feel curious to see what the fuss is all about. This episode works as your social proof.

Video testimonials tap what you call the “mob mentality!” It touches that psychological belief that if it works well for others, it will work well for you as well. If you use your free video maker to make compelling social proof like testimonials, you can increase your sales. It works well as an effective marketing ploy, proving to influence buying decisions. This somehow convinces people that they need your products or services because everyone else is already doing it.

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Show How the Brand Effectively Addresses Issues

When you use your free video maker to create a stunning testimonial, you must make it a point to show how you address the issues or pain points of these clients. Videos create immediacy more than a printed press release or a brochure. Today more people prefer watching videos than reading text because videos can:

  • Stimulate more senses
  • Provide more info than less time
  • Assure better understanding with audio and visual images
  • Engage viewer’s better with compelling elements

Help in Adding a Heart-Felt Human Touch to Brands

Every person loves a good story that touches emotions. You stir more empathy with stories that resonate with the heart. For these reasons, testimonials prove to be so much more effective than other marketing strategies. After all, video testimonials created with your free video maker provide the following:

  • Human interest angle that connects better with viewers
  • Better engagement with touching stories
  • Create anecdotal evidence with real-life clients that experience the goods and services

Now, you don’t have to spend thousands on stunning advertising campaigns to show the human side of your company. You can humanize your brand by using a free video maker and creating compelling testimonials that prove to be more trustworthy.

Increase Conversion Rates Tremendously

Beautiful and honest testimonials can turn leads into subscribers and real-life paying customers. If you want to boost your sales, you must include compelling testimonials in your marketing strategy. Tap your best customers and edit their videos using a free video maker. Tweak everything by adding effects, music, and transitions to make it look polished and professional. After editing, you can share the video on these channels:

  • Put in your landing page
  • Incorporate on a service or product page
  • Share in all your social media profiles
  • Include a captured GIF with an external link with your emails
  • Inject in a long-form blog content or case study
  • Put a dedicated testimonials page
  • Use it for creating a compelling sales presentation
  • Showcase during events
  • Include it in investor reports to inspire confidence

Prove to Be So Much Stronger Than Plain Reviews

Reviews and other ratings lack details. Though a five-star rating with several phrases describing a customer’s stellar experience can be helpful, it is not enough. It doesn’t truly say what’s good about your brand. Besides, a video testimonial provides what matters.

  • It shows face, conveys emotions, and lets you hear the tone of voice.
  • Videos cover all bases because they can provide a 360-degree view of the product or service.
  • It provides a more detailed account and a more accurate picture of what the client went through.

Hence, if you want to present what you’re selling in a better light, you must give examples of customer experience. Nothing can beat it when it comes to supporting your goals. On top of that, video testimonials can be readily shared. With each like or comment, you also expand your brand’s reach and tap a wider audience base.

Work in Catching the Attention of Modern Viewers

Finally, modern people with reduced attention spans generally prefer video content compared to all other content types. Therefore, if you want to make an impact on your audience, a video testimonial will work so much better. It can do so much more than a plain picture or long text for reading.

Parting Words On Using a Free Video Maker For Testimonial Videos

Today, people prefer to watch how-tos and demos from real-life clients than to read a lengthy article about how a product or service works. They can understand your message easily, too, leaving no room for understanding as they can see and hear everything. Besides, with most people spending their day watching videos on their mobile devices, you will lose out on amazing opportunities if you don’t produce video testimonials.

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