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The Origins of the Nike SB Dunk

The Nike (NYSE: NKE +5.96%) Dunk is one of the most sought-after models on the market right now because of its straightforward design, harmonious color blocking, and exceptional adaptability in both form and style. The Dunk has seen a full-force rebirth in the years 2020 and 2021, far outstripping its initial use as a collegiate basketball shoe and becoming a skateboarding mainstay. The Dunk’s amazing capacity to meld art, fashion, music, and popular culture into a seamless whole has, nonetheless, continually served as a shoe for several subcultures throughout the globe.

Air Force 1

The Dunk’s history follows a branching pattern rather than a straight path. This has added so much depth to its story. The division of Cheap Nike Dunk Online lines, two separate sneakers for two different lifestyles, is a key element in its peculiar history. The little design changes to the SB meant relatively little to casual wearers. The skateboarder saw it as his whole world. It may be challenging to address both the Nike Dunk and the Nike SB Dunk in one continuous narrative because of this, but the two tales must be intertwined with the inclusion of the Nike Dunk Pro B and Nike Dunk CO.JP versions. The four paths are not incompatible with one another.

The Fake Nike Dunk SB have made a significant comeback in the modern day and are still well-regarded for their performance and street flair. According to a StockX snk analysis, the value of Nike’s SB Dunk increased by more than 300% in 2020, making it the latest style to smash resale records on the market. Regardless of whether they are High or Low, Nike or Nike SB, even the mainstream, non-collaborative shoes are selling out quickly. Every Nike Dunk version is a pot of gold in today’s spotlight.

We’re delving deep into the silhouette and commemorating the sneakers’ 35-year history, exploring its convoluted and colorful timeline, the catalyst for the silhouette’s revival, the people who helped establish the Dunk as an icon of skate, streetwear, creativity, and unique designs, as well as the Dunk’s influence on sneaker history and sneaker culture in general.

when everything began

The Air Force 1, the Terminator, the Air Jordan 1, and the Legend were all used to create the Nike sb Dunk High, a high-top basketball shoe that was introduced in August 1985. The Legend assisted in the creation of the Dunk’s molds, while the AJ-1 and Terminator were combined to make the upper. The AF-1 served as the inspiration for the Dunk’s general design and the outsole. The Nike Dunk’s forerunners contributed to the ultimate design of the silhouette, but the history of the shoe’s first introduction is what gives it its special appeal.

The 1985 launching of the shoe was in line with the heyday of basketball, which had Michael Jordan as its shining star, and this was no coincidence. The Nike Dunk, which was created to support basketball strategies and techniques like pivoting and blocking, was an immediate hit when it was first released, at least in terms of its technical capabilities. Something a little more colorful and meaningful than this, called “Be True To Your School,” is what made the 1985 Nike Dunk High famous.

Best Nike SB at cheap price campaign, “Be True To Your School,” was an abortive marketing scheme. It provided a means for fans of Division I collegiate basketball teams to wear their team’s colors. The Swoosh previously reached agreements with the University of Iowa, University of Kentucky, University of Michigan, Georgetown, St. John’s, UNLV, and Syracuse to certify the Dunk High as their teams’ official shoe. Each Dunk iteration centered on a particular color treatment for separate schools.

This was a savvy strategy that allowed Nike to naturally sell the Dunk on and outside of college arenas, supporting a non-competitive attitude to sport and school loyalty, and assisting the brand in gaining from the expanding popularity of collegiate basketball leagues. Smart use of the team mindset as the sneaker mentality. The “BTTYS” series’ use of an unlimited number of color combinations would later come to be renowned as the silhouette’s unmistakable signature.

Due to the phenomenal success of the Air Jordan 1 and other technological advancements, the original Nike Dunk High quickly lost its relevance in the world of basketball. Despite this, the silhouette continued to be popular with a more laid-back and unassuming market—a market that at the time wanted little to do with Nike. The New York youngsters are seen skating about, being carefree, and simply having fun.

Skateboarding in the 1990s

The Dunk High saw various modest but significant adjustments in the ten years after its first debut. The shoe thudded shoulders with the skating world thanks to a nylon tongue for weight reduction, a shorter shaft, and a thicker swoosh—a fact that Nike itself was blissfully ignorant of at the time. The company was purposefully releasing some ludicrous shoe shapes to cater to this similar crowd since it was failing to see the Dunk’s developing association with skate culture along with these design alterations.

In plain words, the Swoosh’s initial effort to win over skateboarders occurred in 1997 and was fairly awful. The Choad, the Snack, and the Schimp were pre-Dunk designs that were a little too obvious and had names that sounded like onomatopoeic words. A series of corny commercials dubbed “What If We Treated All Athletes Like Skateboarders” with a young Bam Margera was also released. The shoes were criticized, the message was disregarded, and the market itself was already heavily in favor of shoe manufacturers like eS Footwear, Globe, DC, and Vans.

Nike wanted to join the rising scene that was skate culture. The issue was that individuals riding their boards saw Nike as just another big company trying to penetrate their space. The neighborhood was proud of itself and despised the brand because it was so lifeless. Nike didn’t focus on the skating scene’s pioneers or the skateboarding subculture. Nike was driven by a desire for commercial success and market dominance. The brand’s forced efforts included the Choad, the Snack, and the Schimp.

Outside of Nike’s primary focus, the Nike sb Dunk with its mid-life design updates found a natural and devoted home with the same skateboarding audience. The Swoosh’s genuine skateboarding journey began as a result, and it was only logical considering that, in the end, the shoe was “ideal for skating,” according to a Nike spokeswoman.

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