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How Can Blind People Read Printed Text?

Reading is something that every one of us regularly does. Every day, we read something, whether it’s a letter, a bill, a magazine, a book, or other kinds of written text. However, it is unfortunate that not everything can be obtained in audio or Braille format for those who are blind since this limits their options. Fortunately, access to printed publications can be obtained through a variety of means, such as the use of reading and scanning assistive technology, as well as through the assistance of charitable organisations such as Living Paintings that offer books for the blind, newspapers, and magazines in audio or Braille formats at no cost. The following is a list of some of the several methods people with visual impairments use to read written information.

Recorded Book Collections

People in the United Kingdom who struggle with visual impairment have access to a few different resources, including Living Paintings and the National Library for the Blind. Both organisations make available a wide range of resources for the blind, including recorded versions of tens of thousands of books, journals, and magazines to those who cannot read traditional print forms. On the BookShare website, you’ll also discover a large selection of electronic and audiobook formats. Subscribers can listen on their personal computers using specific software and audio players or on their mobile phones and tablets using the corresponding mobile apps.

eBook Readers

Two of the most well-known eBook readers available on the market today are the Kindle, by Amazon, and the NOOK, by Barnes & Noble. After just a few seconds of purchasing one of those eBook readers, consumers can immediately begin reading their newly purchased books at their leisure. Visually challenged individuals now have access to an increasing number of these types of technologies. And the fact that apps developed for iOS and Android may be used on both platforms makes them even more user-friendly for those with visual impairments.

E-reader apps like iBooks for Apple’s iOS and Google Play Books for Google’s Android operating system are also widely available. Readers can quickly get to a specific page, chapter, etc., on their mobile device using screen-reading software. These apps come in handy if you need to listen to a book but have no other choices. There is a plethora of alternative book-reading applications out there.

Assistive Technology

Magnification software, dictation programs, refreshable braille displays, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) devices are all examples of such technologies.

A magnification software is a magnifying feature included in a computer that serves the same purpose as a traditional magnifying glass that may be carried in one’s hand. It can make anything on the screen larger simply by pointing and moving the cursor. In general, they are compatible with most versions of Windows. Macs include an integrated zoom capability that is used to increase the size of text and other content.

Refreshable braille displays use raised and lowered pin combinations to create braille characters, which are subsequently shown on a screen. These devices can retain information and make it easier for the blind and visually impaired to read and write braille. Most of them are lightweight and portable, and some even include computer and internet connectivity.

An Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system is a computer technology that helps you read text by recognizing patterns of pixels that make up individual letters and words. With an OCR system, you can scan printed or digital text and turn it into machine-readable text for assistive devices like screen readers and braille embossers. OCR systems can also do text conversion without having to scan a physical copy if a digital image is already accessible, for example, if you have a pdf file.

Living Paintings: Touch To See Books for All Ages

No one’s inability to see printed words should prevent them from enjoying the books they love. It is their mission at Living Paintings Charity to transform a wide variety of resources for the blind. They make Touch To See books for people of all ages. The recordings of renowned people serve to restore the sensation of sight through touch and sound. These Touch To See books are also available via a free portal library. Your selected book will be sent to you immediately after completing a brief online form.

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