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The sports that are most loved in the world today

In the world, there are many attractive sports that have a large number of fans. Each sport has its own rules, lineups, methods, and specials, the most popular today can be mentioned as football, basketball, tennis, etc. These are also the top sports in the favorite list of bets by sports fans across the country. Along with the popularity of sports, sports betting is also growing and popular. The proof is that with just a few touches, you can easily get Betway download – one of the most popular betting applications today to be able to participate in online betting. In this article, let’s find out, which sports are receiving the most admiration and love today.


Playing Football

The reason football is loved is also because its rules are very simple, not only that, the number of players is not necessarily 11 people per team, but can be more or less flexible depending on the lineup. Football is also an inexpensive subject and anyone can play without a dedicated lawn, just have a small yard where you can enjoy playing football with friends. What makes football even more interesting is that it is dramatic and unpredictable, not always the team that is rated higher in level will win and vice versa, not always the weaker team will lose. Because of those factors, football deserves to be the most popular sport today.


Playing Tennis

No longer a sport only for the elite, today, tennis has become extremely popular and is held annually in large and small tournaments around the world. This is a competitive sport between two athletes and the round will last quickly or slowly depending on the score of each round. In terms of fighting games with only two athletes, no sport can take the number one spot of tennis.


playing Baseball

More popular in the Americas region, but by this time, the appeal of baseball had covered other continents such as Asia and Europe. This is a team sport that requires precision and high solidarity, not only that, the strength of the participants in baseball matches is always paid attention to and invested in to increase the ability to fight.


Playing Basketball

The NBA professional basketball tournament is only inferior in popularity to sports betting after football. Basketball is the second most popular sport and has never ceased to be hot in the betting tables and has an extremely large number of fans. This is also a competitive sport, the teams will move the ball to the opponent’s court and try to throw the ball into the opponent’s basket with their high-class skills. Currently, basketball tournaments always have a great influence on fans around the world



The next sport that attracts millions of fans is eSport. This is a new type of entertainment and is gradually becoming popular in recent times, many games such as Dota, Pes, League of Legends, CS: GO are bet by players whenever big tournaments take place. In general, eSport is extremely developing and each tournament of this game, when taking place, attracts great attention from fans.

Those are the most attractive sports today that you should participate in if you are a sports lover. These sports both help improve health and help you have time to relax with friends and family.

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