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The Many Perks Of Cycling With Your Child: Three Reasons To Invest In A Kids Bike Seat

There is no better exercise than cycling, they say. That’s true! Cycling is a wholesome physical activity that involves every intricate part of your bones and joints of the limbs. While more than 3 million Australians own a bike, not every one of them has considered installing child bike seats. There are various benefits of taking your child on a ride that you will not want to miss out on. In cases where your kids are pretty young, and cycling may seem early, taking them as a passenger can bring a range of positive impacts to their lives.

Benefits Of Installing A Kids Bike Seat

This generation is moulding kids and teens into a digital lifestyle that will eventually turn them into couch potatoes. One in every four Australian kids are overweight or obese. On that note, it becomes crucial for parents to get their kids on a healthy and active path. Taking them out to the park, cycling with them does not just keep them away from screens but also builds a loving bond within the family. Here are four reasons why your bike must have a kids seat,

  • No more compromises on one’s body

If you have been a dedicated rider and the post-pregnancy period has kept cycling away, it is high time you buy a kids seat. Installing a kids bike seat allows you to supervise your little one and have them in sight without jeopardising your cycling dose. You do not have to put them at the crush or hire a babysitter, which can turn too pricey in the long run. Also, the thought that your kid is back at home can deprive your focus. With that said, cycling with your child is the best alternative. All you will need is a kids bike seat installed and, you are all done!

  • Shop from versatile types

Luckily, today you will find a variety of child bike seats, and you have the freedom to choose. The choice varies with your child’s age and comfort. For instance, front-mounted seats are best for younger kids as you can get a complete view of them throughout. There is always space to keep them engaged and in the end, they are secure!

On the other hand, rear-mounted seats best suit older kids and toddlers. They are more comfortable and offer optimal support to kids who weigh more. When on a rear-mounted seat, your kid gets a better insight into cycling and develops good cycling behaviour in the long run. Some people even choose kids trailers that can get attached to the rear side. Trailers, unlike seats, offer better space and allow kids activities, and work the best during longer rides.

  • A healthy engagement

If your little one has turned fussy lately and has been whining all day, taking them on a ride is the best thing to do. Many parents believe and practice the act of using devices and mobile phones with their kids as a means of distraction. However, exposure to screens at a very young age can be potentially risky and cause eye complications. If you feel your child gets bored on the stroller, the best way to keep them engaged is to take them on a bike ride.

Even when seated on a bike seat, many kids learn to balance themselves, eventually starting to learn the art of riding. Cycling down the countryside or by the city can strengthen your emotional connection with them, allow them to see, learn and feel new things. Many parents even teach routes to older kids and get them to introduce their cycling community, which can develop their social skills.

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