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Top 5 Steroids Used by Bodybuilders

Things are evolving and revolutionizing in this world at a much quicker pace than a few decades before. The same thing can be observed in the field of bodybuilding as well. The revolution brought by a variety of steroids in this field is not a hidden thing. Everyone is aware of the fact that the introduction of new steroids in the market with every passing day has been urging more people to head towards gyms and start working on their bodies.

Moreover, the side effects are also controlled by using modern techniques and frequent testing. So, this is both hurdling the path of young bodybuilders and athletes. Depending upon the experience level of users and the purpose of using them, great diversity is present among steroids. However, some of them are most commonly used throughout the world. Following are some top steroids that are used by bodybuilders.


From 1955, when it was first created, this steroid is considered as the frontline warrior when trying to get some quick mass of lean muscles. And there is a rumor about this steroid that even kids could take and handle it without some serious side effects.

This steroid is available as oral as well so it’s suitable for beginners as well. Its effectiveness could be estimated by the fact that a single cycle of it could add 20 to 30lbs of mass. Owing to its growing popularity, a lot of online stores now offer Dbol for sale for their customers.


This steroid is very similar to the testosterone hormone present in the human body and is considered some of the first created steroids for bodybuilding purposes. It is capable of adding muscle mass quickly along with boosting up the strength level of the body. A single cycle of testosterone could add more than 20 pounds of muscle mass. It is available as an injectable one, the safest one in this form.


Serving the bodybuilders for more than 60 years and maintaining the same good repute among them would not be possible for Anadrol if it cannot add muscle mass and shape the body. A single cycle of this steroid can add a hefty amount of 30 pounds of original muscles to the body, and it does not end there as the strength level will be monstrous while using this steroid. It usually comes in the form of pills and taking 50 mg of it is enough for a day.


With the title of most aesthetic steroid on the planet Earth, Trenbolone is one of the most widely used steroids for bodybuilding purposes all across the globe. Many users believe that the mass of lean muscles that could be gained by using this steroid is not possible with any other else. It gives a gorgeous ripped look to the body by drying the retained water in muscles. This will prominent the lines differentiating the muscles and give a perfect body shape. Fat burning is an additional benefit of using it.

Bear in mind that different variants of Trenbolone, such as Trenbolone Enanthate 200mg are available online. You must choose yours carefully after thoroughly reading about its composition and knowing its side effects and benefits.

Deca Durabolin

This steroid is considered as the most underrated when compared with others. However, it is one of the main steroids supporting the golden era of many bodybuilders. Being an injectable steroid might be the reason behind it not being popular like others. However, it is often used with Dianabol and Anadrol to boost up their abilities and can further add 10 to 15lbs of muscle mass per cycle. Being nom-androgenic, this has very minimal side effects.

If you are not satisfied with your body shape or weight, you can use any of them along with a proper diet and workout routine to get the magical transformation. Make sure to take them according to proper cycles and don’t overdose on them. Also, place your order at SteroidsFax if you want real steroids. Here, you will find all the steroids discussed above and a range of other products at the most affordable rates.

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