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Advantages of online education for both the students and teachers

There has been a rapid increase in the demand for teachers to teach online and offer students the option of education outside of a physical classroom. This has received greater prevalence post the start of the Covid 19 pandemic where it has been found that several institutions have opened up websites that offer students with the option of taking online classes. These classes have already gained a lot of popularity following the benefits which it provides to both the teachers and students.

What are online classes?

In simple terms online classes refers to classes that are available through the internet by educators and teachers to students providing them with education. To avail these classes. Students are required to have a device such as that of a laptop, tablet or a smartphone along with an internet connection. There are several applications present on the web that provide the students with the option of availing these classes either for free or against a nominal fee. Once the students are plugged in the apps they can choose the educators and teachers that best match their interest and attend the classes. However, it should be noted that there are several types of online classes available on the web.

Role of Students

There is one section of classes that caters specifically to the school’s students, while another section is for colleges. There are also specific sections for professionals and even for individuals appearing for competitive examinations. Each of these classes are developed based on the needs and requirements of the students which thereby makes it all the more attractive. In the current scenario, many schools and colleges have developed their own separate websites and applications to cater to the needs of its students. To avail such classes only students who are registered with these institutions are allowed to use it. Similarly, there are several professional courses taught online which are only available to students that have paid for the course to avail it.

Role of Teachers

Considering the case of the teachers, they too have gained a lot of benefits when it comes to online teaching. The teachers have been provided with the benefits of taking classes as per their own schedules making it easier for them to manage the student pressure effectively. Furthermore, there are separate mobile teacher app present where it is used by the teachers to teach online classes to their students. The use of these applications provides teachers with the freedom of choosing the hours they want to teach and ensure that they can provide adequate time to each student.

Benefits of online classes

There are several benefits present when it comes to online classes and how it impacts the life of both the students and the teachers. Few of those benefits have been discussed in the following section.

  • Providing individual attention to the students is one of the many benefits that is provided by online classes and online courses. Generally, it is well known that it is difficult for students to avail one on one attention from students in an offline classroom setting which often makes it difficult for the students to understand subject topics. This issue is mitigated in case of online classes where the students have the option of taking online classes where the teacher provides their entire attention to one single student. This further helps the student in understanding concepts better and eventually performing better in exams.
  • Convenience is an important factor when it comes to online classes, where both the students and teacher have the choice of conducting their class when both of them are available. This ensures that both of them can provide their complete attention in class which further works towards improving the efficiency of the students.
  • Flexibility is another important factor which should be considered as taking online classes provides students with the flexibility of attending these classes from the comforts of their home thereby saving a lot of time which otherwise would have been wasted on transportation. It also provides students with the option of attending as many classes as they want in the day. Therefore, this highlights the benefits of undertaking online classes.

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