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Transfer from Visa and MasterCard to Ethereum (ETH)

Nowadays, it is the cryptocurrency that is gaining more and more popularity. In a fairly short period of time, it reaches high turnover on the Internet market. One of them is Ethereum.

Ethereum is one of the types of cryptocurrencies presented on the Internet. As it turned out, Ether (as it is also called) is the forerunner of such a cryptocurrency as Bitcoin. Previously, this currency was called Bitcoin 2.0. As it turns out, it is impossible to buy anything with this currency, despite the fact that it is the second-largest capitalization in the world. For example, in many countries of the world, you can pay for utilities with Bitcoin, in Japan, for example, in restaurants, there are even exchangers with this cryptocurrency, which can be paid on the spot. Despite this, you can buy ETH, use it on various exchanges on the Internet, and exchange it, but, unfortunately, you cannot pay for any services on the Internet.

How to actually transfer funds from a Visa / MasterCard to an Ethereum?

Initially, you need to decide on the exchanger with which such operations are carried out. Where to take them, so as not to make a mistake with the benefit of yourself? Everything is very simple. To get the most favorable exchange rate, we will use the monitoring of exchangers such a BestChange, thanks to which you can quickly and safely select a high-quality exchanger with which you can transfer from a Visa card and MasterCard on Ethereum (ETH).

Initially, having opened the link, pay attention: on the left side, select the currencies of interest to us in the “Give” column, in this case, it is Visa/MasterCard USD. Next, in the “Get” column, select Ethereum. A window opens in the center with proposed exchange offices that are ready for us to exchange from Visa / MasterCard to Ethereum (ether) at the rates indicated in the monitoring. The list of exchange rates is sorted by profitability, which allows users to quickly and easily choose a profitable exchanger for them. Using the “Calculator” button, the user is given the opportunity to calculate how much Ethereum he will receive from his Visa / MasterCard card, taking into account all commissions. After clicking the “Calculate” button, you can see specific offers, taking into account the commissions of exchange offices and payment systems. The currency reserve shows that the exchanger has enough free Ethereums to carry out our exchange. Nearby there is a column with reviews, which you also do not forget to take into account. Having chosen the best exchanger for yourself and having weighed all the pros and cons, you can safely go to the site of the exchanger itself and make an exchange. Do not forget to also take into account the aspect that the card from which you want to transfer money should be only a ruble bank card. If you are afraid of not being able to cope with the bestchange exchanger monitoring site, then you don’t have to worry at all, as a detailed video course is provided for new users at the very top, which will help you complete all the necessary operations.

Is it possible to directly withdraw Visa/MasterCard digital money?

In many ways, the features of the withdrawal depend on the wallet in which the Ethereum cryptocurrency is stored:

  • If the storage is on the stock exchange, then in some cases it is possible to link it to the cards of the international payment system Visa. But you need to understand that this does not work with all currencies and cards are not accepted by all banks. Most often there are options for euros and US dollars.
  • If Ethereum is stored in another wallet (electronic on a coin. space and blockchain.com, or other storage (paper, hardware, etc.), then regardless of the currency of the card and the issuing bank, the tie is generally impossible.

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