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What Are the Biggest Industries in Little Rock?

Little Rock, Arkansas, is a major hub for business and culture in the southern United States. As one of the largest cities in not just its state but the South at large, it’s no surprise Little Rock has plenty of highlights to offer both residents and visitors. For those looking to build a business presence or find work in a lucrative career, Little Rock is sure to have plenty of options for you to create a portfolio and find opportunities. If you’re in Little Rock or are about to find yourself there, here are the top industries for you to find work.


Little Rock’s retail industry has plenty of major players, from Kroger to Dillard’s, the latter of which is headquartered in the city. While small businesses may find the competition steep, those looking to work for some of the biggest retail giants in the United States will not find themselves lacking in interest in this city. Job seekers in management positions will have their needs met in Little Rock, so if that’s where you want to work, come and visit today.

Real Estate

Demographic real estate in Little Rock is a vital industry for buyers and sellers alike. When looking at Little Rock Houses for Sale, you’ll find plenty of new and refurbished homes for affordable prices. Not only that, but Little Rock’s residential districts are never far from the many hot spots in its main metropolitan area. This is excellent news for buyers looking for a great deal and sellers looking to increase their market value. Little Rock real estate is on the rise, so if you’re an employer, employee, or customer, Little Rock might just have what you’re looking for. Check it out on your next visit.


Little Rock’s shipping and transport industries are above and beyond the pale compared to the rest of the United States. Two major highways (Interstate 30 and Interstate 40) intersect inside the city limits, making it a vital resource for long-haul trucking and other interstate travelers. In addition, the Port of Little Rock is one of the country’s biggest and most significant inland ports. Air, highway, rail, and river transport vessels go in and out of the Port of Little Rock every day, so there’s always work to be had. Little Rock’s shipping industry is a sure thing if you’re looking for economic stability.


Hospital work can be found throughout Little Rock. The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences is located in Little Rock, alongside its sister organizations Arkansas Children’s Hospital and the Central Arkansas Veterans. Together, they provide about $5 billion for the city every year. Other significant players include Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Baptist Health Medical Center, and the Arkansas Hospital Association, which provides for the city’s numerous hospitals. Those in the healthcare profession, whether they are looking to work in the administrative or practical wing, will find plenty to service them in Little Rock.

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